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Repurposing an Old Dresser

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Repurposing an Old Dresser

We're converting a bedroom into a home office. The bedroom set is well worn except for a nice dresser. I hate to get rid of it, but I don't know what I could do with it. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to repurpose an old dresser? There must be another use for it.

So Many Uses...

Depending on its size, an old dresser can be used numerous ways. It can become a buffet in the dining room or kitchen, a TV stand in the family room or living room, or even a console near the front door. It can also go in the mudroom to hold everyone's scarves, gloves, and hats for cold winter days and sunglasses and sunscreen for sunny summer days. In the attic, it can store treasured baby clothes being saved for the next generation or "dress-up" clothes for little kids. In the new office, it could hold surplus supplies, such as reams of paper, envelopes, and computer tools.

I use a tall old chest that I refinished in my media room to hold the inevitable odds and ends like placemats, tablecloths, and tools that I want to keep handy.

Depending on where you decide to put it, simply give it a new finish to make your decor if you wish.
Barbara in SC

Use as a TV Stand

I received a new TV and DVD player for Christmas. I hated the stand that my old one was on. I looked for one in the stores and couldn't find one that I liked. I remembered that I had an old dresser in the back room. I got it out and placed it in the living room corner. My TV and DVD player go on top and a lot of movies and other things are stored in the drawers. The best part is that it didn't cost me anything because it was just an extra sitting around.

Keep for Office Supplies

Remove the drawers and fit the empty area with inexpensive baskets to keep office supplies. You did say it was going to be an office. Then use the drawers as under-bed boxes in bedrooms or hang on the walls as shelves.

Use Drawers for Under-Bed Storage

One very clever idea I've seen for repurposing an old dresser is to remove the drawers, paint the dresser, and mount it on the wall to use as shelves. The drawers can be used for under-bed storage.

A small dresser makes a nice side table in the bedroom or living room with a lot of handy storage. It could also be put into the kitchen or dining room to store napkins, placemats, tablecloths, flatware, candles, etc. with the top giving you extra counter space or holding small appliances like a microwave.

Turn It into a Bench

Take the top off and cut out the first few drawers. Make a seat and add a cushion and you have a bench.

Transform Into a Computer Table

I saw a solution to this recently in a recycling site on the Internet. The dresser was in three parts, so the owner took out the middle, leaving drawers on either side. Then he fitted a slide-out shelf in the center, making a sensible computer table!

Look on Pinterest and other places for recycling ideas. Even do a Google search. You're sure to find something you can do.

Where Do You Need Extra Storage?

I was able to use two old dressers. Mine were wood similar to my kitchen cabinets and waist height. I polished the best looking one with Old English® Scratch Cover and lined the drawers with old pretty wallpaper.

My kitchen is very large. I was able to put it against a wall. The drawers are great for storing seldom used baking pans. The top drawer is used for extra dishtowels and again seldom used utensils. I went to a home improvement store with the measurement for the top. I was able to find a piece of marble that was slightly larger for the top for $30. Now I have another counter and a place for storage.

The other one I use in the garage for tools and gardening stuff. I also found a piece of Formica® countertop at the same store that someone didn't pick up for a washable top.

Pinterest Is a Treasure Trove of Ideas

Go to Pinterest and type in "repurposed dressers." And stand back! Pinterest is a treasury of how to repurpose most anything. It's a very useful site for so many reasons. I'm sure there will be many ideas that catch your eye. Have fun!

Use as a Gift Wrap Hide-Away

An old dresser with wide drawers can be useful as a gift wrap storage center. Rolls of wrapping paper will stay put and in good condition when stored in a wide dresser drawer. Cheap baskets from a dollar store in the top drawer can hold and organize things like ink pens, gift tags, tissue paper, ribbon spools, tape, scissors, etc. Another drawer can serve as a good place for keeping pre-made bows, so they don't get smashed. If the dresser is the right depth and height, you may even be able to use the dresser top for wrapping the gifts!

Where Will It Look Good and Serve a Need?

I inherited an old dresser from my grandmother. Right now, it has a place of honor in my front foyer. I have two small lamps and a flower arrangement on it, and I'm using it as an entryway table. Its attached mirror comes in handy, as we gals love to make sure we look okay as we either answer or go out the front door. Its narrow drawers are perfect for storing rolls of Christmas and other occasion wrapping paper. The antique style adds a lot of charm.

In other places I've lived, the same dresser was used to hold towels in a large bathroom. My grandmother used it in her front sitting room. If a hallway was wide enough, it could go there as an occasional piece of furniture, or it could hold baby items or toys in a nursery. Anywhere you'd put it, this dresser would add grace and style to a decor. It doesn't matter that the dresser was created for a bedroom, as you can use it wherever it looks good and serves a need.
Lynn B.

Need a File Cabinet In Your New Home Office?

You can use your old dresser for a file cabinet. You can organize with trays that have labels on them, such as tax, insurance, paychecks, etc. There will be plenty of room for organizing file folders, too.
Debbie from Maryland

Repurpose as a Tool Chest

I had an old child's dresser I no longer needed. I covered it with heavy-duty enamel paint, used adhesive liner in the drawers, and added leg extensions to make it higher. Now I have a great, cheap tool chest in my garage! It has lasted nearly five years already and is still in decent shape.

Two Out of One

You could cut the center of the dresser and make two side tables out of it.

Create Unique Shelving

I saw a post on Facebook where they used the drawers as shelving, arranging them to create shadow boxes by stacking and crisscrossing them in different directions on top of each other. It was very cute!

Shop home improvement for great prices at

Need an Extra Bookcase?

Turn an old dresser into a bookcase simply by removing the drawers and filling in each shelf with a board that fits nicely into the space. You can either refinish the whole thing or just paint it all.

Make a Coffee Station

You can make the old dresser into a coffee station! Remove the top drawers and drawer glides. Find baskets that fit in that space (I used one large one on the left and two smaller ones on the right), metal or wicker, to hold your coffee supplies, etc. I like the baskets that come with liners so your supplies are not visible. The other drawers can be used for storage.

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