Making old wood furniture look new again

How to Restore Old Wood Furniture

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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How to Restore Old Wood Furniture

When my grandmother moved out of her home, I inherited her dining room set. It's a wonderful old set that was well cared for, but as grandma grew older, it wasn't used much so it's suffering from some neglect. Also, it has a few stray scratches and marks. It'll look wonderful in my dining room, but I'd like to clean it up a bit to restore it to its former glory. Any advice on what to do?

Trick Learned from Antiques Auctioneer

There's a mixture that I learned about from an antiques auctioneer, which has rescued wood furniture for me many times. I even used it on my wood floors (a knee and back breaking job, but well worth the effort!). It cleans and moisturizes the wood, leaving it with a subtle glow. This should be used only in well-ventilated area.

Into a glass jar, measure equal parts of these three ingredients: boiled linseed oil, turpentine, and white vinegar. Shake well to combine. Clean furniture of loose dirt with a dry cloth. Saturate a clean rag with mixture and wring out. Use to deep clean furniture by rubbing in direction of wood grain, working in small area. Reapply and repeat until entire surface has been treated. Buff with a clean, dry cloth. Admire your reflection in lovely, clean surface!

Reviving Happy Memories

I, too, inherited my grandmother's dining room table. It had suffered years of neglect. First, I cleaned it really well with Murphy's Oil Soap (following directions on bottle). Then I used some Old English® Scratch Cover. Finally, I used a good quality furniture polish. Perhaps, try Guardsman®, Watkins, or something similar. I recovered the chair seats. Now, it looks beautiful, and I have so many happy memories of eating dinner at my Nana's house on my "new" dining room table.

Try This First

Before spending time and money, I would suggest you purchase Old English® Scratch Cover. They have one for dark wood and one for light wood. It is easy to apply, works great, and costs little. Also, you won't lose any of that wonderful old character. You can find it in most grocery stores.

It's Magic!

Rub the wood's nicks and scratches with a piece of walnut and see them disappear!

Check Out Pinterest

Pinterest has a lot of good pins showing how to do this!

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