Avoid putting expensive chemicals on your face and skin

Natural Skincare Saves Money

by Jamie Ferry

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It seems there are as many beauty products available as there are cells on your face, vying for your dollars, claiming that you need them to be a better you. Over the years, I used many things trying to get better skin and fix breakouts and problem areas, spending a lot of money. Using so many products meant my body was absorbing more chemicals, which added to toxin levels in my liver, congested it, created more imbalances and skin issues, and required even more products and money to fix them. Eventually I decided to go with natural skincare. Not only was it healthier, but I also saved money with more natural products.

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Liquid Soap

A little goes a long way, which is wonderful for anyone trying to stretch the value of their dollar. You can use it on your face or body. I use the peppermint one, but they offer eight varieties, moderately priced, ranging in sizes from two ounces to a full gallon container. I place a small amount in my palm, add some water, and turn off the faucet and then slather it on, massaging my face.

If I experience any breakouts, I let the soap sit on my face a little longer, allowing the oils to be absorbed. This clears out the bad bacteria, replacing them with the good oil. When I am ready, I remove the soap with water.

The 150-year-old, family-owned company ethically sources certified, organic raw materials from around the world, honoring Fair Trade practices and supporting our global family. The natural essential oils are nourishing to the skin's health and beauty. (Dr. Axe has a lot of helpful information.)

Olive Oil

Before I get into the shower or put in my contacts, I apply organic olive oil two to three times a week in the morning to my face with clean hands, giving myself a massage. I include the area around my eyes, which is great for circulation, according to Dr. Kimberly Hurvitz, M.D. I bought an inexpensive set of glass cruets for oil/vinegar with stainless steel tops, filling one with organic extra virgin olive oil from my kitchen pantry. I keep this in my bathroom. If my face is dry, I use the oil a few times a week after washing with Dr. Bronner's at night. I apply a little and massage it into skin, including around my eyes. Then I rinse off, blotting my face with a clean cotton towel.This absorbs the excess oil while still leaving some intact. This allows the skin to absorb the rest, benefiting the internal body as well.

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This moisturizes and continues cleaning my skin. It also replenishes it with good oil and clears out any bacteria, and it is also good for my eyes. Our body is made up of a lot of different parts, including a lot of bacteria for a healthy body. It is important to feed the good bacteria instead of the bad bacteria.Good quality oils in their raw state do this. Fried food creates issues for us. This is due in part to the fact that the chemical compositions of some oils change when heated, oxidizing it. When ingested, the potentially toxic chemical gets built into our cells. This clogs our body, creates issues which compound over time, feeds the bad bacteria, allows them to increase in numbers, impacts immunity, burdens the liver and organs, and increases inflammation in the body, such as skin breakouts (a natural way your body tries to release toxins and alert you to an imbalance in your liver). Westonaprice.org's "The Big Fat Surprise: Toxic Heated Oils" from July 9, 2014 is informative.


I use yogurt, buttermilk or kefir cream, which I buy to eat, and apply some as a mask on my face and neck. I also add a little bit of buttermilk and sea salt for exfoliation and detoxification to my bath water.The natural lactic acids in these foods are great at sloughing off dead skin, leaving it soft and glowing.I use an inexpensive loofah to clear away the skin on my body, doing a quick rinse after the bath.

An Astringent Toner

I use witch hazel, which is natural and inexpensive. I also use hydrogen peroxide for breakouts, which is good for dealing with bacteria that's creating infections on skin, or as an occasional gargle with water for healing gums.

Sunscreen and Face Lotion

Stores like T.J.Maxx have large selections of fancy face creams from around the world at discounted prices.You can feel like you are splurging on the fancy stuff at a price you and your wallet like.

Reviewed December 2017

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