Give a gift basket that a first-time mom would love!

Gift Basket Ideas for a New Mom

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Gift Basket Ideas for a New Mom

My neighbor is about to become a first-time mom. Along with the typical baby gift, I'd also like to give her a new mom gift basket. Since we haven't had children yet, I'm not sure what to include in the basket? Can anyone give me some ideas for what to put in a new mom's gift basket?

Include Diapers!

Every mom needs plenty of them. Just make sure to find out what kind she's planning to use, disposable or cloth. Modern cloth "diapering systems" can get really expensive, so even just one or two of them would be a nice addition to a basket. If she's using disposables, get a whole package. They'll get used.

Baby's Skin Will Love This Basket

Give a bottle of Dreft®, a baby towel, baby washcloths, baby soap, and baby shampoo. If the new mother has a theme for the baby's bedroom, you might include a toy or a baby bib with the selected theme.
Barb in Smithville, OH

Pamper Mom

I would suggest those things that would make life easier for the new mom, including a little pampering. A few frozen main dishes would be very welcome! She'll be exhausted and not having to cook would be wonderful. If you do not want to cook, I would include gift certificates to restaurants. Even certificates to carry out and delivery places would be great. Include a gift card for a massage, pedicure, or something just for her to get away for personal renewal. Even a card offering to babysit would be a blessing!

Make a Baby Tree

Forget the basket. Buy one large bottle of baby shampoo and baby lotion. Find a twig with many small branches. Put the twig between the shampoo and lotion by using a strong rubber band. Decorate as needed. On the branches, tie purchased baby mitts, baby nail clippers, baby comb, baby brush, rattle, etc. Now you have a beautiful baby tree and the new mother has what is really needed for her baby. You can add as much as your budget allows!

"Oh No! It's 3am" Basket

I do an "Oh No! It's 3am" basket! I get gas drops, teething items, over-the-counter baby pain meds, baby thermometer, baby medicine dispensers, etc. The idea is to include anything that will help with issues that happen in the middle of the night. That way, the new parents are prepared for just about anything.

Make It about Mom

Instead of getting stuff for the baby, make the gift basket for the new mom. Include bubble bath, eye mask, hand lotion, nail file, facial scrub, pumice stone, etc. Add a coupon for an hour of baby-sitting services. New moms don't take time for themselves, so a little pampering will go a long way.

Two Creative Ideas to Consider

Food: New moms don't have time to shop and cook from scratch, so frozen meals that just need reheating in the microwave are a huge help. Complete, one pot/pan meals are best. Try to include both family-sized dinners and single-serving lunches. Ideally, all containers should be disposable because new moms also don't have time for housework. Consider adding disposable plates, bowls, cups (hot and cold), and utensils. Single serving packages of snacks and cold cereals would also be appreciated.

Personal care: Breast-feeding moms need pajamas and tops that button or zip down the front. A luxurious new bathrobe and slippers would be a lovely pick-me-up for anyone feeling haggard or unattractive. Make sure all clothing is machine-washable and dryable. Scented body wipes are a sanity-saver for those days when there just doesn't seem to be a way to sneak away from baby long enough for a shower. Fluctuating hormones can leave skin dry, so include a good-quality body lotion. Toss in some pretty headbands or ponytail holders. Maybe tuck in a moisturizing lipstick or tinted lip balm just for fun.
Elsie in North Texas

Give a "Keep It Handy" Basket to New Mom

If the new mom is planning to nurse her baby, you could put together a basket that she can keep near her. In that basket, you could fill it with water bottles, a lip balm, a magazine, and a pad of paper and a pen. Leave a spot for the TV remote and phone. Extras would be a baby blanket, some hand lotion, a little snack or two, some cotton swabs, baby nail clippers, and whatever else you can think of that your friend will like and use. It is nice to have everything close by. When the new mom is unable to get up because of a sleeping or nursing baby, it is handy to have everything close by, all in one basket.
Jen in Rio Del Mar, California

Consider Her Exhaustion

Since you haven't had a little one yet, you can't possibly imagine the level of exhaustion your new friend will experience. Things that would be very valuable to her would be home-cooked meals she can freeze and heat up when she's too tired to cook (you can give her coupons for these and bring them over once a week). Or give coupons to help her clean her house or for babysitting time so she can take a nap, enjoy a bath, or just get out alone for a while. In addition, lotions and creams that include Shea and Cocoa Butter are always welcome because her skin will stretch and change a great deal if she's nursing.

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New Mom Offers Suggestions

As a new mom myself (the baby is a month old as of yesterday), here are some of the things that I've found most helpful that friends and family have given to us. The most helpful thing has been food, specifically food that can be frozen and used later like soups, stews, lasagna, casseroles, etc. I don't know if the person that you want to help is breastfeeding, but a little basket of snacks is great. You can't go wrong with diapers, wipes, newborn toys, a pacifier (try to make sure it's BPA free though).

Handmade Suggestions New Moms Will Love

Many people put receiving blankets, baby wipes, and rattles in these baskets. I put a dozen real cloth diapers (no microfibers), homemade burp pads (flannels with a simple stitch border), and a large, very thick "laydown" pad made with a piece of foam and two large pieces of flannel stitched together. These are all hard to impossible to find and worth their weight in gold. The laydown pad in particular is useful in places where you don't trust the cleanliness of a place to put your baby down either to change or for a quick nap.

New Mom Must-Haves

Here are some gift basket ideas any new mom will appreciate:

  • Give a pack of a dozen flat cloth diapers. They can be used as burp cloths, wash cloths, small towels, an extra blanket in a pinch, a bib if you forget one, etc. Once baby grows out of them, they are great dish towels because they stand up to bleaching and a million washes.
  • Give swaddling blankets (large, lightweight cotton).
  • Bibs of assorted sizes are always welcome.
  • Consider giving baby towels with a hood at the corner.
  • "Onesies" with sleeve length according to season in assorted sizes are always welcome.
  • Give diaper rash cream.
  • Infant fever reducer liquid and suppositories come in handy.
  • Give baby wash.
  • Baby lotion is useful.
  • Petroleum jelly in a tube is nice.
  • A pack of disposable diapers will be welcome (even if cloth diapering, they may be needed for traveling/outings).
  • Baby wipes are always needed.
  • A baby wipe travel case will come in handy.

Miss Ti

Reviewed January 2018

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