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Product Review: Crystal Wash Laundry Ball

by Paige Estigarribia

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I'm always open to frugal laundry tips that can save money. I've tried DIY ideas and make-at-home recipes, and I'm all for simple answers for tough stains. Laundry at my house is a biggie. With three kids, there's always a load to wash. Crystal Wash laundry balls are a new natural laundry solution. The two balls are filled with ceramic minerals, and when used correctly, Crystal Wash says they will last through 1000 washes.

Crystal Wash Laundry Ball

How is that possible? Well, on their website, Crystal Wash explains how it's done. And it all really relates to your own water. Water has its own pH level, and according to where you are in the country, your water pH can vary. It can be too high or sometimes too low. And that's where Crystal Wash comes in. The minerals contained in the balls naturally raise the pH level of the water in your washer, so that clothes are washed and disinfected. It's a pretty interesting idea. You must use both balls for every wash. The balls are unscented, but if you like a scent in your laundry, they work just fine with fabric softener too. When Crystal Wash starts to lose its power (typically after about 30 washes), you only need to sit the balls in the sun for a few hours to recharge. Then they are good as new!

Crystal Wash Laundry Ball

So how did they stack up at my house? First, they were very easy to use. I used the laundry balls in my front loader in both the cold and sanitize (really hot) cycles, and the balls tolerated these different cycles just fine with no cracks or breaks. I washed all different kinds of laundry from towels and clothes to sheets and blankets. The Crystal Wash actually cleaned minimally stained laundry well, and the clothes came out soft too! But I noticed that it couldn't get at my tough stains. For example, my son had tomato sauce on one of his shirts. I didn't pre-treat it just to see how Crystal Wash might handle it. Even with a heavy agitation cycle, the stain remained after the wash. Crystal Wash also recommends pre-treating tough stains for the best result. On the Crystal Wash website, in the FAQ section, they confirm that the product is safe to use and works in different water types, including hard water.

What about the price? A set of Crystal Wash balls currently costs $53.88, and a set is said to last through 1000 washes, which equals roughly .053 cents per load.

The below products are also comparable in price and function (keep in mind that these Amazon prices can fluctuate):

Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry 2X Ultra Concentrate: $35.87 for 99 loads = roughly .36 cents per load

Charlie Soap Powder Bucket: $141.97 for 1250 loads + roughly .11 cents per load

Tide High Efficiency Laundry Detergent: $32.48 for 110 loads=roughly .30 cents per load

All 2X Ultra Free and Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent: $18.93 for 96 loads = roughly .20 cents per load

Try Crystal Wash. 1000 loads of laundry - no detergents, no dyes, no chemicals, no perfumes.

Based on my experience with Crystal Wash, Crystal Wash is great to have for a regular laundry washing routine in my opinion. It's also less expensive than current prices on the compared brands above. Just remember that it is scent free. Also don't forget to pre-treat any tough stains before washing.

Crystal Wash has generously offered to give away a set of Crystal Wash balls to one lucky reader! Be sure to check our giveaway page or enter below for your chance to win!

Paige Estigarribia is a writer for The Dollar Stretcher who enjoys writing about food, frugal living, and money-saving tips. Visit Paige on Google+.

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