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30th Birthday Party Ideas

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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30th Birthday Party Ideas

My best friend will be turning 30 soon. I'd like to host a birthday party for her. I've never hosted a big party before. What should I do about food, decorations, entertainment, gifts, etc.? I'd really like her 30th birthday to be something special!

Keep It Simple and Fun

I think that you hosting a birthday celebration for your friend's 30th is pretty special in itself! My advice is to keep it simple, thereby ensuring it's fun without too much stress. If the weather permits, an outdoor table set with a cloth table cover (very reasonably priced at places such as Ross, Burlington, etc.), votive candles (dollar store), and minimum decor would be so nice. If you already have tiki torches, you can scatter them throughout the yard. Music is free through Spotify (you will have a few ads, but your guests won't even notice). Talk to some of the invited guests that are close to her to bring a side dish or a bottle of wine. Even those not very close will probably offer to bring something, so take them up on it. Your friend will remember the gesture more than any fancy decor, food, and drinks!

Have an 80s Theme

Since she's turning 30, you could go with a 1980s themed party. You can even have guests dress in the 80s theme. Carry this throughout the whole party with themusic (download to an iPod), food, etc. If you Google 80s trends, you will find tons of information/ideas.

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Enjoy Outdoor Fun

Throw an outdoor party in the backyard or at a park or beach. Have a potluck or a menu theme. If held at a state park, make sure there are bathrooms. Offer things like volleyball and bocce ball and board games like Pictionary. Have enough coolers for ice and to keep thing cold. You can rent tables, tents, and accessories from catering places. Consider having it catered or have guests bring items to share.

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