Can you make real money with survey apps?

Earning Extra Money with Apps

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Survey Apps

I just read your article on making money with apps and wondered what other people thought about them. I have some free time on my hands for doing surveys and what not, but I'm not sure which apps are worth trying. I don't think I want to spend an hour to earn just a buck or two! I am curious if any of your readers would mind sharing their suggestions for the survey-type apps that seem to be most worth their time and any tips they have for using them most effectively.

Charitable Giving

I cannot vouch for opinion sites that pay for people to take polls online, but I can tell about my experiences with I've been with them for about two years, and I do two or three quick surveys per month. For every completed survey, they donate $.50 to charity. There are several charities from which to choose. I donate to Doctors Without Borders. In two years, which I spent maybe ten hours total answering polls, they donated $60 from me to DWB. I live on a very tight budget taking care of me and my teenage son, and there's virtually nothing left at the end of most months. Doing these online polls allows me to donate to a cause I believe in without sacrificing anything out of my meager budget to do so.
Ali K. in Mesa, AZ

Love Doing Surveys

I have been on surveys for about two years now. It takes me about six weeks to accumulate 10,000 points, which I exchange for $25 gift cards from various places. The surveys come up every day and are very interesting. Plus you can create your own surveys (you are limited to twice a week) and get points for that. I highly recommend. It's lots of fun, and because the surveys come from the public, there is a huge variety.
Kate in Victoria BC

Love to Bank App Rewards

I do one survey app and another family member does three different survey apps. I chose mine because I can bank up my app pay, and when I want to purchase from the rewards offered, I can do so anytime I have the amount I need banked in my account. I first started mine to purchase magazines but now I can buy "music" cards and gift cards to a major retailor for use in an online or instore purchase. The best thing about mine is even if I don't qualify for the survey, I may get $.25 to $1.00 for trying. The longest survey I participated in was about one hour. I don't do my surveys on a regular basis. I do about three to four surveys per month.

My family member did a lot of surveys when she was younger and used them for "music" cards and food cards or online game purchases. I use my rewards for birthday and holidays.
Kim L.

Money Making Apps Not Worth the Time

I recently signed up to answer surveys. I put a lot of time into my answers, but it seems that I am never in their selected pool. I gave up. This is not worth my effort. Be aware that even if your app or survey company is "legit," you may never be in their parameters. It has not been worth it to me.

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Online Survey Makes $100 a Month

I have been doing online surveys for about two years. I have found that Opinion Outpost has been the best. I earn about $100/month in cash via PayPal. They also offer a few other payout options like Amazon gift cards. I filled out a profile when I initially signed up. I am offered surveys that (supposedly) match my profile and interests. I would say that I get rejected from about half of the surveys, but usually that happens very early on in the survey, so I don't waste too much time. I can wait for surveys to be sent to my email, or I can log in to see if there are any surveys available to take. I find that by logging in throughout the day, I get more survey offers than I ever have by waiting for them to be sent to my email. In addition to online surveys, I have also been able to try some sample products mailed to my home (with follow-up surveys a few weeks later).

Overall, I find Opinion Outpost to be a legit and dependable online survey company. I can't say that it is a cost-effective use of time, since I'm sure that any part-time job would pay more per hour. However, it is a simple way to make a few dollars from home.
Sue from Southern California

Enjoy the Rewards

This isn't an app, but I've been hooked up with e-Rewards for a couple of years. I earn "money" that I can trade in for various things. For example, if I have $75 in credit, I can get a voucher for $25 off at GameStop. Or use them to buy discount coupons from The credits add up fast. As I said, I don't get any actual cash back, but I can get some good discount coupons.

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