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How to Update Vertical Blinds

by Pam Hutzler

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    How to Update Vertical Blinds

    Do you have a love/hate relationship with your vertical blinds? It's true that vertical blinds do wonders for sliding glass doors. But, if they are dated and don't fit your decor, they can quickly derail your perfectly inspired decorating style. When replacement is not on the horizon, what's a frugal decorator to do? Try these clever tricks and handy tips on how to update your vertical blinds.

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    Give new life to your vertical blinds with some paint. Whether fabric or plastic, your vertical blinds will take on a whole new look when you use paint that is specially designed to adhere to its surface. Use fabric paint for fabric vertical blinds or spray paint for plastic for your plastic vertical blinds for superior coverage. Just make sure to thoroughly clean the blinds first, and it may be a good idea to give vinyl blinds a light sanding before applying paint.

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    A great option to consider when updating vertical blinds is to use fabric to cover each slat. You'll want to use fabric that is neither too thick nor too thin. Thicker material can add too much weight to each slat. If it's too thin, the glue that you use to adhere the fabric may bleed through. It will take a little time and you'll need a large work surface. But, if you have the time and expend a little effort, you can update your vertical blinds for only the cost of the fabric.

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    Wallpaper or Wall Decals

    If you're looking for unlimited color and pattern possibilities, you may want to consider wallpaper to cover your vertical blinds. Another option to consider is decorative wall decals. If you enjoy a good puzzle, you can cut the decals into sections and fit them on the strips to make a mural when the blinds are closed. When the blinds are open, the decal will add color and interest.

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    Cover Them Up!

    Maybe you're of the mindset that you just really don't want to spend precious time worrying about your ugly blinds. That's okay, too! You still have an option. Just cover them up. Update the look by covering your blinds with curtain panels on the room side with your blinds on the wall side. Sheer panels will soften the look and still allow in light while heavier panels will provide some needed privacy.

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