Making ends meet when costs keep rising as income stays the same

How Can I Keep Up with Rising Costs on My Stagnant Income?

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Have you gone years without a pay raise? This single mom has. And, it's starting to make it really hard to pay all her bills. So she sent this question into "Ask The Dollar Stretcher".

You have a question on the website about if debt is preventing us from taking a vacation. The true answer for many of us is - it isn't debt. The truth is that it is a stagnant income that isn't keeping up with inflation. I am a single parent and we are having to resort to drastic measures to eat, keep clothed, and pay basic expenses. We have had one cost of living raise in 9 years and I already work a part time job at a small church. I'm cooking everything from scratch, mending clothing, unplugging electronics and strictly using cash to purchase our needs. I run out of cash each week way before the needs are met... I am dreading the holidays this year, back to school needs, and even birthdays for my children. I know I am not the only one either. I read an article online this week that annual raises were a thing of the past, so what kind of future do we have to look forward to? I can tell you for sure, not one filled with vacations.

That was the question that came in to "Ask The Dollar Stretcher". Is there a solution to her problem? Our editor, Gary Foreman, a former financial planner provides some options this reader should explore for increasing her income.

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