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Holidays Every Frugal Foodie Needs to Know

by Kerry Sherin

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Chocolate Cake Day? Check. Fried Chicken Day? Check. Any way you slice it, food holidays are the days to indulge and we sure aren't complaining. Companies use food holidays to promote new products, provide incentives to consumers, or to simply give you some free food. Here's our official favorites list of unofficial food holidays to keep you festive, frugal, and full throughout the year.

National Spaghetti Day

Celebrated on January 4, National Spaghetti Day is celebrated annually across the country to honor our favorite noodle and its accompanying sauce. Whether you're a fan of red sauce, white sauce, or maybe even a simple olive oil and garlic drizzle, January 4 is the day for you. Restaurants like Francesca's were offering deals for favorite spaghetti dishes for just $4.

Chocolate Cake Day - January 27

Sticky, gooey, creamy chocolate. Soft, moist and delicious cake. Put them together and, well, need I say more? Look for companies like Maggiano's who celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day and created new scrumptious chocolate cake bites for your tasting pleasure.

National Tater Tot Day - February 2

Napoleon Dynamite isn't the only one with an addiction to tater tots. The creator of this holiday must love some crispy fried golden nuggets of potato joy just like we do! Americans consume more than 70 million pounds of tots per year, according to AL.com.

International Pancake Day Feb/March

Also known as Shrove Tuesday, International Pancake Day is celebrated either in February or March, depending on when the day falls. Shrove Tuesday serves as a way for many people across the globe to indulge before Lent. IHOP is known for giving away free pancakes on this day and who are we to complain about that?

National Pretzel Day - April 26

It's a favorite of companies like Auntie Anne's, Philly Pretzel Factory, and the Pretzel Maker who all offered free pretzels on this day. Go on and get your pretzel on.

National Eat What You Want Day - May 11

No, seriously, just go eat whatever you want. Check out our list of foodie deals here.

National Hamburger Day - May 28 also Brisket Day

Americans consume 50 billion hamburgers a year. 50 billion! National Hamburger Day serves as a day to honor this legendary food and provide with you great deals and even free burgers!

National Donut Day - First Friday in June

Krispy Kreme attempts to earn the most giving award by giving away free donuts throughout the year. However, National Donut Day is the day that this donut enterprise can truly shine. Landing on the first Friday in June, National Donut Day serves up some "Hot and Fresh" deals. Krispy Kreme will give each a free donut, while Dunkin Donut's will give you a comped donut with a drink purchase.

National Fried Chicken Day l - July 6

Whether you choose to eat out or make your own, Fried Chicken Day is a day that is sure to please the taste buds. Partner your fried chicken with your favorite side dish like mac and cheese or mashed potatoes to get the full effect of this holiday.

National Hot Dog Day - July 23

The hot dog is an American tradition often frequenting baseball games and backyard barbecues. Although, some may say the hot dog plays second fiddle to the humble hamburger, today is the day where the hot dog can truly shine. Many restaurants will offer these cylindrical treats at a reduced rate of $1 or even free.

International Bacon Day and Trail Mix Day - August 31

August 31 gives way to International Bacon Day. Enough said, right? To keep it balanced, those who decide on these whacky holidays chose to celebrate National Trail Mix Day as well. Because you know it's healthy and all. We don't think all the trail mix in the world could counteract a holiday as brilliant as International Bacon Day.

National Taco Day - October 4

As lovers of all things taco, this holiday serves to serve you up a tortilla (hard or soft) filled with all kinds of goodness. The word taco is the Mexican equivalent of the word sandwich. Find deals for free tacos at restaurants like El Torito.

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National Sandwich Day - November 3

Sandwiches are the mainstay of American cuisine with nearly half of Americans eating a sandwich on any given day according to Elsevier. This year, Subway is offering a buy one, get one free special on sandwiches to show support of such a popular food. So grab a friend or don't and take yourself to Subway for a free sandwich treat.

National Cookie Day - December 4

Santa can't eat all the cookies. So what's wrong with a little practice on our end before the holiday hits? Quiznos was offering free cookies last National Cookie Day.

While we know there are many other food holidays, these are just a few of our favorites. Do you have a favorite? If so, let us know!

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