Are ever increasing prices straining your wallet?

Cutting Your Family's Hair Could Trim Your Budget

by Jennifer Land

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Everyone in your entire family is regularly in need of a fresh trim! What should you do? Go to the barber shop or hair salon and pay ever increasing prices? Have you ever considered cutting your family's hair? It sounds daring, but it's simpler than you might think.

You'd be surprised how many families never see a barber or beautician. You probably know someone close to you who needs a haircut sometime in the next month, so listen up!


There are many benefits to learning to cut your family's hair. You will save a considerable amount of money, and your family will have a neater appearance because they can have their hair cut more often without any extra cost. In general, you will save about $100 per year per person. The savings add up quickly. Not only will you save money, but also you can trim more often and have hair looking better than ever!


What tools will you need? For a boy's haircut, you will need a full hair cutting kit. This includes clippers, oil for the clippers, guards, scissors, and a comb. For a girl's haircut, the whole process will be a little simpler. You essentially will only need the scissors and a comb. One kit per family will probably be good enough, but don't forget to clean and take care of the kit.

Wahl® is one of the best brands of kits to buy. If you look around, you may find a high quality kit for $20 or under. There are many other good brands, including Andis® and Oster®.

Tips on How to Cut Hair

Once you have the necessary tools, you need to learn a bit about cutting hair. For general guidance or more help, you could go to YouTube and watch some basic tutorials on the specific type of haircut you want. Take note of the guards that are used and follow their techniques.


Preparation is important to a good haircut.

  • Wetting the hair will give you a more precise cut and also it will give you more room for error because hair is slightly longer when it is damp or wet.
  • Make sure that the scissors are sharp. This is very important because hair can be pulled out if the scissors are not sharp enough, and they will not cut very effectively.
  • Make sure the hair gets washed with shampoo and conditioner at least once right before the haircut.

If circumstances have put your family in debt, find out how to conquer your debt by creating a plan personalized to your family's budget and lifestyle.

Trim the Ends

Make sure you trim the ends. The hair will have a better texture and look healthier. Getting rid of dead ends will promote hair growth. This is essential for a great haircut, so make sure you always trim the ends and use those sharp scissors!


Length and measurements should always be considered. With longer hair, always make sure to measure how much hair you want left and how much you want to cut off.


Practice makes perfect. Ideally you'll get to use your new skills at least once a week for a trim. You'll want to start with simple trims or cuts. Allow for a mistake or two. You won't be perfect at first, but you should get better and better. Finally, don't practice on someone who's about to have a big event (wedding, graduation, etc.) where many pictures will be taken. That's the time when a pro is well worth the price!

Reviewed June 2017

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