Do you have to spend $100 for a fancy pillow?

Finding Good Quality Affordable Pillows

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Finding Good Quality Affordable Pillows

Does anyone have any suggestions for finding and selecting a good quality affordable pillow that is right for a specific type of sleeper? My husband has a few sleep issues and wakes up with neck pain and headaches almost daily, and we think it can be attributed to the cheap pillows he sleeps on. He almost shelled out about $100 for a bamboo pillow the other day, but thankfully he decided against it because he didn't know if it would be the right pillow for the way he sleeps. We are willing to spend the money if we can find something we are pretty sure will work for him. I assume you cannot return a used pillow to the store (at least I hope you can't). Anyone have any helpful advice?

Can't Go Wrong with Sealy

As a ten-year hospitality employee, I have purchased any affordable pillow available. Sealy pillows must be incredibly comfortable. Even with tags removed, they were stolen within days of putting them out in rooms, making them unaffordable for commercial use. Big Lots runs sales on them occasionally.

A popular life hack blog recently ran a survey for best pillow. My Pillow® won, but they are not cheap. Wishing you all a great night's sleep.

For the Side Sleeper...

If he's a side sleeper, Walmart has Spa Sensations Side Sleeper Pillow on sale for $15.
Virginia (via Facebook)

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Look for a Good Memory Foam Pillow

I noticed a good memory foam pillow has seemed to help our family.
Nikki (via Facebook)

Shop the Big Sales

My husband really wanted to try a more expensive pillow but was shocked at the prices at the type of pillows he thought would work best for him. I waited until Kohl's was having a 50% off sale on pillows, then combined a $10 off Kohl's coupon with an additionl 30% off coupon for Kohl's charge card holders. We got an additional $10 in Kohl's Cash to use toward a later purchase to boot and my husband now has a pillow that seems to have reduced his neck pain and restless sleep. I think finding a quality pillow can be a worthwhile investment to getting a good night's sleep, but why pay full price when you just have to find the right sale?
Andrea, Dollar Stretcher employee

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