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Favorite Cash Back Shopping Sites

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Favorite Cash Back Shopping Sites

I am starting my holidays shopping early this year and plan to do most of it online. Typically, I am an Ebates user and seem to get decent cash back percentages from them, but I have noticed there seems to be a lot of these sites out there now. Do any of your readers have any favorite cash back sites that they have found pay better than others? Is it worth the time to belong to multiple sites and compare who has the best cash back deal for a particular store when shopping? Do some have relationships with more stores than others? My plan is to be as money savvy as I can with my shopping this year so any insight into these cash back sites would be greatly appreciated!

Our readers respond:

I Use Two Cashback Sites

I have utilized both Shopathome.com and Ebates.com for many years now. They both work fine for me. What I do is compare which site will give me the most points. Most of the time they are very close together, i.e., both offering 3% back, but every once in a while they will run specials like double or even triple points so it is worth comparing. I had participated in a few others some years back, but found them to not be reliable.
Arlene A.

Another 2 Cashback Sites

I use two cash back sites. Ebates.com and Mr. Rebates. I use Evreward to find the program paying the best rebate. I also use a cash back rebate card to make purchases and get 2% on the purchases I make online. I feel it does pay to use multiple reward sites to get cash back.
Dan K.

Additional ideas from The Dollar Stretcher staff:


MyPoints is a rewards site where you can shop to earn points. When you hit enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards. And you can use the gift cards to buy anything you want or need. MyPoints offers gift cards for many different merchants! If you're unfamiliar with MyPoints, check them out. They even have an app, too!


Swagbucks is another online rewards site. After you sign up, you can earn SB points from taking surveys, shopping, watching videos, discovering trial offers, and even simply searching the internet. When Swagbucks users shop at one of the over 1,000 retailers in the program, they can get up to 20% Cash Back (in the form of SB points). And during the holidays, when retailers are having their biggest sales, Swagbucks will sometimes even double or triple the amount of Cash Back they offer for select retailers. If you haven't signed up yet, take a look!

Favorite Cash Back Shopping Sites


TopCashback is another shopping portal rewards site where you can click through the site to shop, and earn cashback rewards for your purchase. There's no fee to join, and also no fees to withdraw your cashback! For extra savings, they also sometimes offer coupon codes, too.

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Ibotta.com pays you cash back for groceries when you download and use the iBotta app at iBotta.com. Once you've got the app you can search for deals on products you plan to shop for at the store. And when you find a deal, all you need to do is perform a simple activity - like filling out a survey or watching a video. Complete that simple task, and then head to the eligible store that offered you the deal to make your purchase. Once you buy the item, take a picture of the receipt and upload it to IBotta. After you send the receipt, you'll receive a cash back bonus to your Paypal account for the item.

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