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Ways to Save on K-Cups

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Ways to Save on K-Cups

We are in the market for a new coffee maker, and my husband would like one that brews both grounds and K-Cups. My question is whether there are any smart ways to save on K-Cup pods. They seem quite pricey. I have never paid attention to coupons or sales for these products since our old coffee maker only brewed grounds. Can any of your readers who have a K-Cup coffee machine share on the ways they have found to save?

Enjoy Single-Cup Brewing at Regular Ground-Coffee Prices

K-Cups are vastly more expensive than ground coffee. For $9, you can get a pound of Dunkin Donuts coffee that makes 40 cups or a pack of just 12 K-Cups. Therefore, the K-Cups cost more than three times as much per cup, not to mention all the packaging waste they produce.

My advice would be to get a reusable filter cup, such as the My K-Cup from Keurig, to go with your new coffee machine. That way you can take advantage of single-cup brewing at regular ground-coffee prices. It takes a little more work to put coffee in the filter cup before brewing and empty it afterwards, but it will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Check Out Big Lots

I buy my K-Cups at Big Lots when they have coupons. The regular price for a box of 80 is $25. I never pay over $20 with a coupon. Bed Bath & Beyond has the same coffee for the same price, but I have to pay shipping, so I continue buying at Big Lots.

Watch for Sales

I got my husband one that uses K-Cups (or equivalent) or its own little cup, which can be filled with regular coffee. He is not too particular on his coffee, so we bought some at the grocery store on sale, at Ollie's discount outlet, and at Christmas Tree Shops. We also splurged and got a small box of Tootsie Roll hot chocolate for our daughter. She loves being able to make her own hot chocolate.

There are now cups that are biodegradable, which is good because I hate filling up the landfills with all the empty pods. I haven't tried them yet.

Buy Off Brand

Buying off brand K-Cups has worked well for me. Try to find a deal online. I use, and I can usually find coupons. I recently bought a 100 count package for $35 with shipping included. There are probably many similar companies where you can find a deal. The next best in-store purchase would be at Aldi's in my area. The use of refillable plastic containers has not worked well for me.

Shop Aldi's

I buy Aldi's brand cups. They have five different varieties and work well in my Keurig machine. They are much cheaper than the brand name cups. Not sure if this person asking has an Aldi's food store near them, but if they do, they can buy them there.
Laura in Chicago, IL

Ways to Save on K-Cups

Watch for Clearance or Close-Outs

I always check for K-Cups at clearance stores like Big Lots, Ross, T.J.Maxx, etc. They often have close-out flavors or brands for cheap. Also grocery stores will clear out their seasonal flavors when the holiday is over. Just check the expiration date, and you should find a number of bargains!

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Keep It Affordable

Trader Joe's cups as well as Walmart brand are very affordable. Also, check out Costco. They all have a very nice taste.

Love the Convenience!

I have found that the Great Value cups at Walmart are a decent price. I can buy 48 cups for $15, which isn't too bad. In addition, you can use your own grounds if you buy the adapter. There's a bit of an adjustment with the adapters until you find how strong/weak you want your brew, but you can use the same coffee that you used in the regular coffeemaker.

I resisted using the K-Cups for a long time and want to find a way to recycle the plastic, but the convenience of the process is really wonderful!

Keep It Simple

There is a simple solution. You can buy reusable K-Cups and load them with your own coffee. There are various types from plastic to metal and costs. Be careful to buy the type for your machine. There are a couple different models.

Collect Coupons

I collect all the Bed Bath & Beyond coupons (typically 20% off one item) that arrive in the mail or magazines I read regularly. Then I use them to purchase my K-Cups. With the coupons, I get K-Cups for the lowest cost, even compared to Walmart's prices.

Don't Waste Your Money

Rather than trying to save on K-Cups, ask yourself why you need them. It costs more to make a cup of coffee with any priced K-Cup than making a small pot of coffee with a regular filter and perhaps throwing a little away. If you use cream or sugar, even the leftover coffee is good heated in the microwave. I consider K-Cups a "created" need, something marketers created and convinced us we can't do without. The only place I can see their practicality is in a waiting room for a doctor or mechanic, where you want coffee available for your clients who are waiting, but don't want a big pot that will go stale.
Julia in Greenville, South Carolina

Shop Well

I have a machine that was gifted to me by a friend who replaced hers with a newer model. In my area, there is one grocery that does a promotion about every six weeks, allowing customers to pay only $5.95 per box of any variety of K-Cup, so long as five or more boxes are purchased. I regularly check the coffee company websites for coupons for K-Cup offers, print them, and file them away for this sale. The coupons are usually for one or two dollars off each box. So, during the sale, I can usually purchase about $45 worth of K-Cups (regular price about $8.99 a box in my area) for $15-20. Another good way to save once you find a variety you like is "outlet" stores, which usually have many brands marked down to less than half retail. Finally, some of the warehouse clubs and online retailers sell them by the bulk case at steep discounts. Hope this helps!
Mrs. P in Crestview, FL

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