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Yearly Costs of Owning a Pool

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

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Yearly Costs of Owning a Pool

How much does it cost to own a pool? We are beginning a search for a new home, and I want to get an idea of the extra expenses we would incur if we buy a house with a pool. I am curious to know about maintenance and insurance costs and if there are any other costs we need to consider. If any pool owners could share their approximate yearly pool costs, I would appreciate it.

Pool Expenses Don't Stop

If you are considering buying a house with a pool, here is my advice. I lived with someone who owned an in ground pool, and he end up getting rid of it. Are you going to use it a lot? Are you children young enough to be around for years? I don't know if he had insurance on it or not, but I do know it was constant chemicals. Every time it rained, it would cause problems and more chemicals were needed. Eventually, the pool was seldom used and it just wasn't worth it any more. They can break, leaving gushing water everywhere. If it should need a repair, expect a big bill. At the end of the season, you have to close the pool right or by next season, you will have a huge dirty mess to clean up. If you love the house but not the pool, just keep the pool closed. Another option is to rent it out. I would only keep the pool in use if you are going to use it a lot or it's honestly just not worth it. The expense never stops, and you have to know what you are doing.

Keeping Costs Down

I have an above ground pool that is 4.5 feet deep and 18 inches round, and it typically runs me around $100 for the shock and the chlorine tablets for the season. I also have a winter cover that strains the water and refills it from the melting snow. Therefore, less water is needed in the spring when I open it. I run a cartridge filter, so all I have to do is hose it down at the end of the season. There is no sand or earth to buy to fill the filter with, and that saves money and time.

Pool Costs Include Laundry & Food

You will also have to consider - children, grandchildren, etc. and their friends - who never bring a towel along so you end up with a lot of extra laundry. They seem to just drop wet towels anyplace and are off. My hardwood floors took to staining if I didn't get the soaking towels off. No - - we didn't have a pool but lived on the lake front which many seemed to enjoy visiting our family. And having kids with lots of friends the water, electricity, laundry expenses really shot up in the summer.

Just saying - - - - I also did a lot of cooking for most - more expense there also. The kids all seem to enjoy! This all goes along with having a pool also. A few of our friends had a pool - they sold their house just because of wet towels all over everywhere. and all the cleaning up it took from the littering.. We were just discussing this today with some friends.

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