Another Reason to Hire an Older Worker - They May Stay Longer

by Susan Williams, founder of

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I read an interesting post by Dr. Gillian Leithman about the arrogance of ageism. In her post, Dr. Leithman shared a number of facts about how businesses may be missing out on a significant opportunity if they discount the value that an older worker could provide to a company's talent pool.

At the end of the post, she shared another interesting statement: "A candidate with five years left until retirement may be with your firm, on average, longer than a new and younger hire."

It's true. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median tenure of workers ages 55 to 64 (10.1 years) was more than three times that of workers ages 25 to 34 years (2.8 years).

Yet think about career sections of websites. How many older people do you see as being promoted as the faces of the people they are looking to hire? The majority of the individuals they profile are smiling 20- to 30-year-olds.

This is a major opportunity lost for employers. Not only do many older workers have the necessary knowledge and expertise, but they could also potentially help create knowledge centers and participate in mentoring programs to ensure that the organization has capabilities to develop and retain the necessary knowledge moving forward.

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Add these benefits to the fact that someone who is within five years of retirement will probably end up staying longer than a younger worker and it makes for some pretty good reasons to hire older workers.

Older workers won't stay long is yet another stereotype perception of older workers that needs to be discarded.

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