Could betting on your success be a personal win/win?

Can I Really Get Paid to Lose Weight?

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

Can I Really Get Paid to Lose Weight?

A friend of mine is trying to convince me to join one of those weight loss sites with her that allows you to bet money that you will lose a minimum amount of weight in a specified amount of time. I tend to live fairly frugally, but I am always open to earning a few extra bucks. Plus, I really do need to lose a few pounds. I am on the fence as to whether this could be a way for me to make a little money while dropping a few pounds or simply a way for me to throw my money away. Have any of your readers used these types of sites? Have they found the potential of losing money a good motivation to lose weight or just an easy way to lose a few bucks? And are these sites on the up and up? Do people actually win? Thanks for any advice.

Focus on Gaining Health

I would not join a "betting" weight loss site. The reason has nothing to do with betting and everything to do with health.

Anyone can lose weight by restricting their diet and exercising more. What's really important is learning a new way of eating, so you can keep the weight off.

In my book, the best way to approach weight loss is through "gaining" health. Take it steadily and eat as though you were maintaining your goal weight and you will lose weight. Plus, you will keep that weight off as long as you maintain that style of eating. It's not so much about calories as about eating the right food to maintain health.

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Just Waiting for My Check

I went to and will have a payback of about $1,400 in March. I bet I would lose 10% of my weight and bet $50 a month for 16 months. Therefore, I will get back what I paid in plus $600 dollars. You can bet $20 a month (or more) and they figure how much you will win. I think it depends on the amount you have to lose, the time allotted, etc. I chose 10% because I knew I could do it, but I have lost more like 20%. Please know that once you sign up, you can't back out!

Make a Pact

Yes, you should, my friend! I found an Android application that will pay for this. This is online application that is called GymPact. You can download and install it directly from Google Play. Once installed and signed up for this application, they will guide you what to do next via email. As extra information, you will be paid to exercise at least 30 minutes per day, eat healthy food, and eat vegetables and fruit. This earning is available to be redeemed by PayPal or a Visa card.

Try a Different Approach

Instead of going online to do this, is it possible to start a "Biggest Loser" club at your work or church? Our nurse at school starts one every year and has about 10 to 12 teachers join. The PE coach opens the gym up with jump ropes and weights in the early mornings for anyone that wants to work out before school.

Dues are $15 per person and weigh-ins are held every Monday. Winner takes all! And it's a sure thing that someone will get the money.

It's a Great Motivator

I used DietBet a couple of times, and for me, it was a great motivation to lose weight because I hate wasting money. The amount you win depends on how many people join and how many people lose the weight. The worst case scenario is that you get back what you paid in. The only way you lose money is if you don't lose the goal weight, which is only a small percentage of your starting weight. I believe it is 5%. You could win more money because all the money is put in a pot, and then at the end, it is divided among the winners.

Join Weight Watchers® Instead

I instead would join Weight Watchers® and use their strategies for healthy change. You will have skin in the game and be motivated to eat healthier.

Reviewed January 2018

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