Can she work at home and avoid childcare expenses?

The Best Sites for Finding Work at Home Jobs

by Dollar Stretcher Contributors

The Best Sites for Finding Work-at-Home Jobs

Neither my husband nor I have gotten a raise in quite a few years, much like the rest of the country, but our expenses have gradually been creeping up. We've done all we can to find ways to reduce our expenses but we've finally hit a point that we really need to have more income to make ends meet and still be able to save for the future. With our current work schedules, I am in the best position to find part-time work but not if it means paying for childcare to do so. Can other work-at-home folks recommend any sites they have used to find work-at-home gigs? I know some of these sites charge a monthly fee. Are any better than the others? Are there any that seem like they are a sham?

Getting Ahead $5 at a Time

I did some work on years ago. You offer a product or service that you think people will want. Customers pay $5. Fiverr keeps $1 and you get $4. Now they have added packages where you can increase the price by adding extra services. I didn't make a lot of money, but I was happy with what I did make. If you can strike the right balance with something you're good at, something that takes very little time, and something unique that people are willing to pay you for, you can do well on this site.

Join a Community

I work at home doing transcription. A favorite website is WAHM (Work-at-home moms). It is free, and you don't have to be a mom to join. Their forum covers just about every type of work-at-home job imaginable, along with valuable advice and information for anyone who would like to work at home and for those of us who do. Go to their site. From there, you can link to their forum at

The Best Sites for Finding Work at Home Jobs

Find Ideas Galore

Check the website Penny Hoarder. They have a lot of great ideas about work at home jobs, and they send out new ideas quite often.

Have a Hobby?

If you have any hobbies, opening an Etsy store might be a good idea, but be careful. There are a lot of sellers on Etsy that don't sell very much or at all. Find the sellers that are doing well and research them and how they're doing it. Then make it work for you.

Life is flexible. Is your job?
Find flexible work at

Two Ideas to Get Started

I have a few ideas that I did myself, I made quite good money. If you have children, then a few more should be ok. Go to the local schools and leave a flyer in the school office as well as on the boards to do after school care. You could pick the children up, or if they are old enough, they could walk to your house after school. Then the parents pick them up after work. You can give them a snack or supper if need be, play games with them, read to them, help them get started on their homework and so on. If their parents work on weekends, perhaps you could look after the children.

Another thing that I did is iron for people. I would pick their washed laundry up or they could drop it off. I bought a good iron, spray starch, and a good ironing board. You can get coat hangers at the dry cleaners for very little or your customer can bring their own. You can either hang the laundry or fold it and put it back into a marked laundry hamper. You can charge per piece or by the hour. I found by the hour better all round. Then you can drop the finished pieces off, and you should be paid for the finished ironing when you deliver. You can charge them for delivery.
Karen K

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Rebel Against the Rat Race

A legitimate site I have found for work-at-home jobs and the only one I trust is, which also has a Facebook page.

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Become a eBay Seller

You should already be going to yard sales for household items and clothing for your family. While shopping yard sales, you can buy things to sell on eBay. Items like never worn or gently worn children's clothing by the better brands are good sellers. Look for never worn or worn once designer shoes, which sell easily. Look for real leather purses by known makers. Vintage Christmas ornaments sell well starting in October. You're looking for lightweight items that are easy to pack and cheap to ship because the buyers pay the shipping and they are looking for a deal. Go to eBay's "Completed Auctions" to learn what sells and for how much. Start small. Buy a few items and list them on eBay. You do this from home, and you can have the children around doing homework.

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Like to Shop?

I used to do mystery shopping and got a lot of information to get started at They have forums on different ways to make money with many of them at home. I have made money doing surveys, but I was most happy with mystery shopping. Some projects involve making phone calls from home, and with others, you can make money doing things you do regularly like buying groceries.

Reviewed March 2018

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