Frugal Wedding Flowers

by Rachel Shreckengast

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Dear Rachel,
I am to get married in October and being we are working with a very tight budget, I am planning on doing my own flowers, bouquets, etc., but I don't know the slightest thing of how to do flower arrangements. Can you help?? Do you have any illustrations or catalogs with the instructions or materials needed or something to help me??
Nearly Married

Dear Nearly Married,
First, let me suggest that you visit your local library. You should be able to find books on either floral arrangments or on flower arranging. You will also find books on weddings in general...and depending on how large your library (or if you go through inter-library loan) you may also find books specifically aimed at wedding crafts. Though I don't know of a particular book, there is another option. There are magazines that are aimed at weddings and also aimed at crafts. One of these is Martha Stewart's Weddings...and another is Michael's craft stores magazine. If you leaf through these types of magazines whenever you visit your local stores, you'll be able to eventually find one or more magazines which will have instructions on items such as bouquets and centerpieces.

If you know of a used books store or can wait until "yard- sale season", you may be able to find a copy there that is less expensive than in the retail stores. Also, you may get lucky and find older books and craft magazines that deal with flower arranging in the thrift shops in your area.

Your materials will vary with the methods that each book or magazine uses, but in most cases, you will need florists foam, flowers (silk or real) and a container to hold these items. In some cases you will also need florist tape or wire, depending on what type of arrangement you'd like to do. Just about everything else is optional.

While I can't point you to a specific book or magazine, the best source of information I have found so far is on the web.

On a final note, I'd like to mention that if you use a search engine and put in the words "free craft projects", you'll find a variety of different pages that may suit your needs.
Best Wishes,

Rachel writes extensively on weddings and how to save money on the perfect wedding.

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