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Product Review: Quick-n-Brite

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editor's note: We received a question from a reader looking for an opinion on a product called Quick-n-Brite. After asking our readers, we received the following replies. We've included all the answers received to avoid any favoritism.

The Question

Received an interesting email this week. It was from someone who had seen a commercial (infomercial?) for "Quik-N-Brite," some kind of commercial enzymatic cleaner. They wondered if I knew if the product performed up to the big claims that they made in the commercial.

Buy it at Target

DON'T buy anything from the TV before checking your local stores, Target in particular. We have the Q'n'B cleaner, but only because Target carried it, at a fraction of the cost on TV. We paid $9.95 (no s/h) for the bucket and got the exact same product advertised for $19 less than the informercial. Target is really good about getting the infomercial products on the shelves, and usually 6-8 weeks after the first ad runs. Q'n'B is good (my husband uses it to scrub the bathroom floors), but I've found it's no better or any more multi-purpose than Simple Green. Q'n'B requires microwaving for most applications (to melt it), so for those who don't (gasp!) have one, Simple Green (liquid, no melting required) is an easier product to use. Overall, Q'n'B is a good product, but we'd probably not buy it again, as it's more expensive than some of the others out there and the requirements to mix the product in to a solution.
Sue T.

Very Good

I recently bought this product. I think it is very good. You can make two mixes from it Light and Heavy, I have been cleaning my floors with it, my bathroom and yes it does remove the soap scum. I recently used the Light formula to clean my windows. They sparkled, and there were no streaks, and they were really dirty. It has a return policy, if ever you don't find it works up to your standards you can get a refund. I got a tub and a bottle of liquid Quick n Brite. The liquid will make up to 600 window cleaners, which is the Light solution. All that is needed to make up the solutions is for light 1/8 cup to gallon of water, and heavy 2/3 cup to gallon of water. So to me it is very economical. I truly do not need to buy any other cleaners.

Not-so-Proud Owner

I *have* tried Quick N Brite- In fact, I am the not-so-proud owner of six bottles of it- and it rarely gets used.

There are two important things you need to know before you buy it- 1.) It does NOT disinfect (which nulls the "Odorless" claim because to clean your bathroom you need to use bleach in addition) 2.) It does NOT do ANYTHING that Ordinary mild DISHSOAP doesn't do. Period.

After using it for a year (And testing each claim), it DOES work as claimed- however, so does ordinary mild dish soap (When used according to Quick N Brite directions). For example, I used Quick N Brite on my carpet to remove stains (which often return when dry). As long as you rub the carpet with terrycloth afterward, ordinary dishsoap will do the same thing. Ditto for ink stains, defogging mirrors, window washing, etc.

The trick is, try ordinary dishsoap according to the directions they give about Quick N Brite and keep your hardearned $$- this is expensive dish soap- I've found that it works exactly as well.

I'll Buy More

I have used the Quick and Brite you referred to in the Dollar Stretcher of 9/8. I really like it, and will buy more. I don't remember how much I paid, but I got a large pail of it at a county fair probably 7 or 8 years ago, and just finished using it up. I have used it to remove stains from carpets and furniture, but I was most impressed when it removed red ink from a beige silk blouse with no trace of the stain and no damage to the blouse. It seems to remove stains nothing else will, and worked well on a fiberglass shower.

Check sale prices for Quick N Brite on Amazon.

Works Well on Some Applications

I purchased a tub of Quick-N-Brite several years ago. I have a small amount left and plan to order more when I finally use up my first tub. I have found that this product works very well for some of the applications advertised in the infomercial. I use it to clean walls and miniblinds and to take stains out of my carpeting. I had cream colored carpeting at my last home and I found that the Quick-N-Brite would remove both purple grape juice and red wine from my carpeting completely (without damaging the carpeting). I found that it did not work as well as the commercial stated for things like shower doors and windows, but I think it is a good product to have on hand for those jobs it does really well. One of the best things about this product is that it does not irritate my skin or my nose.

The reason why my Quick-N-Brite has lasted so long is that it is the "gel" form and has to be melted (in the microwave) and then mixed up with hot water. Unless I have a big project to clean, it is just easier to use something else that does not have to be melted and mixed up. I have heard that Quick-N-Brite now comes is a liquid form that does not have to be melted. When I finally run out of my current tub of Quick-N-Brite I plan to order the liquid form. I expect to use my liquid Quick-N-Brite more often because it will be more user friendly.
Kathy F

Does Live Up to Claims

Quik_N_Brite does live up to the claims. It is an all purpose cleaner in a big tub. It is about the consistency of butter. I mix some in a spray bottle with water and clean the bathroom, I use it to wash walls in the kids playroom, I use it to wash soes (white tennis shoes, just rub in and wipe off) I use it to wash floors, and well, about everything. One product, very versatile.

Love it

I have used it and absolutely love it. It is so concentrated that it lasts forever. You can use it on your laundry stains, carper stains, kitchen grime, pretty much what you would use a general cleaner on. It is non toxic, biodegradable. It is well worth the little extra money because it last forever. You can dilute it and put it in a squirt bottle and use it without worrying about your children inhaling dangerous toxins. I can't sing it's praises enough.

All They Claim

For the reader who wondered about QNB, I've found this product to be all that they claim on the infomercial. We don't use toxic products in our household & eat organic foods whenever possible, so I was skeptical that something non-toxic could work this well. No horrible fumes and it cleans everything I've tried it on so far (in ~2 years). It's a big $ outlay up front (about $30 including postage), but well worth it. Find other people to purchase it with you and save money on the larger sizes, or buying >1 package at a time. Thanks so much for your newsletter--I'm married with 3 kids and can use all the frugal advice I can get. P.S. to those Moms who've been writing you recently--my best frugal advice for a happier & healthier baby are natural childbirth (Bradley's super!), breastfeeding as long as possible, blending your own baby food, "recycled" toys/clothes, & washing your own cloth diapers. As kids get older (my big ones are 5 & 7), teach them to be conscious consumers--our kids not only know most toys are overpriced and not what the advertisements depict, but more importantly that if they are produced in certain countries overseas, they are probably made by exploited labor (including children). My kids look for organic foods in the market AND always check to see where toys are manufactured before it goes on their Christmas lists. Just a little effort on your part to teach your kids these values can send an important message to manufacturers that you refuse to support slave-labor just to save money. You CAN be frugal and socially responsible!
Pamela B.

Don't Waste Your Money

I am here to say not to waste your money on quick and brite! I bought it and the only thing it did do that it said it would do was to clean the chrome on my vehicle! i think I could have saved myself a lot of money if I had just went to Walmart and bought a cheap foam cleaner for chrome. I am the mother of 4 teenagers and a frugalholic! I thought that with this cleaner I would be saving money since it said it did everything. That way I wouldn't have to buy a cleaner for different jobs, I would have one that did all the jobs. Boy was I wrong! Now I am stuck with a cleaner that doesn't clean! Please tell your readers that the infomercial is a hoax and not to be sucked in like I was.
Janene D


I have bought the Quik-N-Brite and it is the most wonderful stain-remover I've ever used. Brings out everything. I now have my friends and neighbors hooked on it too, as they got tired of running over to borrow mine!!
--Sue A

Reviewed January 2018

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