Home Business Hotline: Making Crafts

by Heather Martin

Dear Heather:
I've read that I can make a full-time income making crafts from home. One company wants me to send them $25 for a kit, and I would get paid for any completed crafts. What do you think? Can I really make money this way?
Scott in Washington state

Dear Scott:
Sorry, but "assembling crafts at home" is one of the oldest scams in the book. What's the catch? If you read the fine print, you'll find that the company will pay you for finished product that they accept. Guess what? They won't accept any of your crafts (or so few that you'll never make your investment back.) End result? The company gets your $25, and you're stuck with a worthless "kit." If you're a crafty sort, why not sell your own crafts? You'll keep all the profits, and you'll have your very own home business!

Heather Martin is a writer and owner of SuccessWorks, a home- based business consulting firm, and has helped many people be successful self-bossers. For more information, or to get personalized home-business help, email Heather at SuccessWks@aol.com. Please mention that you're a Dollar Stretcher reader.

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