Inexpensive Bathroom Redecoration

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Bathroom Redecorating: The Problem

I've just moved into a new apartment and the bathrooms are stark white with clear shower doors. I've put in colorful towels and rugs, but I was wondering if anyone knows of something I could put on the tiles which would be removeable at the end of my lease. I'd like to get my full deposit back when I move. Also, a previous tenant put some stickers on a few windows and mirrors. Does anyone know how to remove these? Finally, the medicine cabinet and towel bars are rusted. Can they be painted? What kind of preparation needs to be done? I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Bathroom Redecorating: Rust? No Problem

Yes, the towel bars and cabinet can be lightly sanded and then painted. Use a Rust-Oleum Paint, they come in fabulous colors now. Also, as far as the tiles are concerned, you can either use tile stickers that you get at a crafts store or bath store, you can also stencil them (usually the paint will come off easily later if not heavily sealed), you can also cutout fabric shapes, adhere to fusible web and either glue or try fusible web to fuse to the tile, or if you want try freehand painting on the tile.
Sue B.

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Bathroom Redecorating: Stencil Tiles

Buy some stencils and some craft paint, and stencil your bathroom tiles. To remove, use a razor blade, then wipe it with a rag. As for the stickers on your window, use some vegetable oil and a razor blade. Stickers come off of many things with oil. You may not even have to use a razor blade. Just rub it off!!

Bathroom Redecorating: 'Cling' Plastic for Tile

There are many different designs available in a "cling" plastic that you could use to decorate the tiles....the majority are children's designs (Disney characters), but I have also seen very very colorful fish motifs and shells, etc. Look in the children's department of stores like Target and Walmart....or the bathroom linens department. We use the Pooh Bear ones (some are made specifically for the bathroom and stay up better than the ones made for use on windows). They peel right off to change the scene around or when you move. Probably can't paint towel bars, etc., if they are metal (which they must be if they rusted)....but ask your landlord about replacing them.....the rust will only get worse with time, so his investing in replacements now will make it look better to the next tenant.
Jan P.

Bathroom Redecorating: Deco Stix

There is a product called Deco Stix specifically for tile. It is a pattern (many different styles) on a clear adhesive made for tiles up to 4". They are removable as well, and may be available at stores with tiles or large decorating centers. The stickers on your windows and mirrors should come off with a razor blade and and adhesive remover such as Goo Gone or Tape Off, or lighter fluid will work as well. The rusty medicine cabinet and towel bars can be repainted, but you need to sand all of the finish, probably laquer. Use a good rust-inhibitive metal paint.
Cheryl F.

Bathroom Redecorating: Peel and Stick Designs

Try some stick-on/peel off designs - sold in Builders Square, JCPenny catalog and Walmart (to name a few). They come in all different patterns and colors. I recently purchased a set for $7.00 at Walmart that include pastel balloons and hearts. They're easy to put on and peel in seconds - on painted walls too! They don't peel off the paint or leave a sticky residue.
Cindy F.

Bathroom Redecorating: Window Clings

Why not try those great little Window Clings. They seem to be coming out with a great variety these days and one of the advantages is that they're removable.

Bathroom Redecorating: Easy Color

Cover the tiled floor with cheap woven cotton throw mats from a home furnishings warehouse. Maybe $4 for a 6 x 3 colourful patterned mat, warm on the feet, and easily washed.
You can add further color to your bathrooms by putting up a shower rod and a decorative tieback curtain over the existing shower doors. This would add alot of color and help tie the room together. Matching rugs and tank covers would work as well. Pick up your accent color in some small accessories. As for the stickers on the windows and mirror, use a razor blade to scrape them off, or try a product called Goo Gone. Another method is the one I usually use for sticky stuff...plain old fingernail polish remover. Works like a charm.

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Bathroom Redecorating: Temporary Wall Fabric

For a stark white decor in a rented apartment you might want to try finding some bright fabric on sale and applying it to the walls with liquid starch. You would wash the fabric first (so it will shrink before applying it to the walls), then cut it to the approximate size needed, wet thouroughly with liquid starch (buy it at your grocery store), apply to the wall and secure with pushpins. You might need to brush on more starch on top of the fabric. After the starch dries, remove the pushpins, use a utility knife and a straightedge to trim the fabric and if needed apply some trim. This method of decorating has been used by military families who have to move frequently and can't premanently decorate their quarters.

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