Thoughtful baby shower gifts on a budget

Inexpensive Baby Shower Gift Suggestions

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I have a problem. I have 2 baby showers to go to within the month and 2 birthdays to host next month. I already know what gifts I will be giving for the birthdays but I am stuck on what to give for baby shower gifts. I want to give thoughtful gifts, (one shower is for one of my best friends and the other is for a family member), but nothing that is going to cause me to go broke. Please help! I'm running out of time!

Let History Suggest Gift

You don't need to break your piggy bank to do this, and it will buy you some time too. A snapshot style picture of the parents to be while they were dating and a recient one for the baby book, include other pictures of the family as well. This makes for a wonderful heirloom. If you find yourself with more than ten I would suggest putting them in a small inexpensive photo album (leave a few pages in the back blank for pictures at the shower) Be sure to have a camera handy while gifts are being opened.

If you're crafty a 7X7 piece of 14 count adida cloth (white or off white) and 1 skeen of embrodery floss. Back stitch the baby's name and bithdate, weight, and length. A 3X5 frame and card are given at the shower.
Kay B

Sew a Gift Solution

If you sew, some of the major pattern companies have some great baby gifts to make. My favorite is making a head roll for car seats and carriers. Its small, easy and quick to do. Since it takes so little material, you can probably find a remant large enough (big savings, there). Depending on your friends' tastes, you can either go with juvenile prints or a plainer, more "adult" fabric.

Stuffed Storage Bin

You can buy a Rubbermaid storage bin and put a few items in it along with a magazine to "Parents".... etc. Order a subcription now and you pay for it next month when the bill comes in. Since your budget is so tight this month. You can also go to a used book store and try and find a book for new mothers. I have always had a positive response to these very useful items for mothers.

Also, you can by items for a 1 year old, since the baby grows so fast, mothers like to find things later on that the child can use. Like socks!

Custom Coupons for Shower

Make a coupon book good for:

  • 1 dinner cooked, delivered, served, and cleaned up by me.
  • 1 afternoon babysitting
  • 1 evening babysitting
  • 1 afternoon of errand-running

You have saved her much in the way of time, money, and stress, and you've done the same for yourself! Liz M.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

My favorite baby shower gift is to take a package of cloth diapers and wrap them around a baby bottle until they look like a birthday cake...I get a cake plate from a local Super Market bakery for free (the cardboard kind) and decorate the top with baby socks rolled into flowers... I hold the diapers together with baby safety pins...It comes out really cute...and even if the mom to be uses disposable diapers..the cloth ones have many uses with a new baby....It has always been a hit!

Future Baby Shower Gift Gift

Saving bonds are always good, they also make good follow up gifts for birthdays of the child.

Bath Time

Buy a baby bath tub and fill it with little goodies such as all the bath necessities (soap, shampoo, powder, Desitin®, lotion etc). You can also include items such as baby nail kits, wash cloths and towels, a couple of outfits or pj's. Also diapers or a gift certificate to a Target or Walmart where formula or other needs can be purchased. Wrap the tub up with clear wrapping and decorate. Everything in the basket will always be used!
Tanya F

Memory Box

An idea that is more personal is a nice heavy cardboard box with a lid or plastic box with lid. Decorate with fabric paints in bottles and write "baby's memories" on top. New moms love these to throw all those cards, letters, and other little items that come along that they want to save for baby.

Night Out

Give the parents coupons for babysitting. If this is their first child, one free evening or weekend day will be plenty--you can always be more generous if you want. Make sure they use them by including two movie passes for a local theater. This won't cost a fortune. After our son was born, we were too out of it to think of where to go if we had a free evening, and we had a hard time asking friends to babysit--this gift would take care of both problems.
Dianne C.

Is That Real?

You will need two small blankets, a baby rattle, a balloon, and a marker. Blow up balloon to the size of a baby's head. Open blanket and place head on blanket. Tape or pin in place. If you pin, pin the knot, not the balloon. Fold the other blanket in a tube like shape. Wrap around head and cross ends to make arms. Pin in place. Now wrap your baby up bunting style. In hand tye rattle. Draw face on balloon. If you want to spend more money, you can put your baby's head on a sleeper stuffed with wash cloths. That way every thing you have used is useable.

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Reviewed September 2017

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