Paints that Prevent Mildew

Dear NH,
Please recommend source(s) for purchase of mildew or mold inhibitors that I can add directly to paint. I know that this is only one small way to keep mold and mildew at bay, and nothing can really be as effective as having moisture in the air removed.

The story is that we live in Sumatra, Indonesia, and my wife is experiencing mold allergy symptoms (according to the camp physician) and we have done just about all that we can do mechanically to seal the house, remove moisture, and remove mold growth habitats (i.e. tile floors, no carpeting, HEPA filters in all rooms, dehumidifiers, UV lights under the beds and dressers, servants frequently clean bathrooms and kitchen with bleach, new weatherstripping) so all that is left is to paint the house with some paint that is more or less resistant to mold and mildew. I cannot locate mold or mildew resistant paint in Sumatra, so I was hoping to get the inhibitors shipped to me that I can add directly myself. Any help or suggestion you have would be greatly appreciated.

In the states, mold and mildew inhibitors can be purchased in any paint store, in interior and exterior strengths. I can't imagine why you can't obtain them in Indonesia, especially if mold is such a problem.

If they are banned for some reason ( which would explain why they are not available) you should be careful to not break the law by importing them. That having been said, I don't know of any company that would mail order this type of product. However, it would be an easy matter for you to have a friend or relative here in the states just purchase the product here send you a bottle or two.

This product is called a mildewcide, and is available in interior and exterior grades, based on the amount and type of active chemical used. The chemical is added to the paint and the paint shaken thoroughly. One container usually protects one gallon of paint, and it may be added to any paint, oil, alkyd, or latex.

I have another suggestion, and that is to use oil paints whenever possible. In my experience, oil paints are less attractive to mold and mildew than latex paints. You will be increasing your home's overall resistance to the mold by using them.

There are also some special steps to take in preparing mildewed walls for painting. The mildew must be killed with bleach. You can use a premade mildew killing product, or do it yourself by using a mix of 50% household bleach and 50% water. Apply the product to the walls, allow it to remain for a few minutes, and wipe clean.

Once the mildew is killed, the walls should be primed with a primer sealer before you apply the finish paint.


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