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Class Rings - Ouch!

I need help. My son is a senior this year and he is wanting a class ring. Josten's came to the school and has left us a brochure which he has gone through and picked his ring out. The ring will cost us about $550.00!!!! Do you know of anywhere that we can buy him this ring cheaper at a discount? Help us out if you can.
Karen P.

Try Wal-Mart for Discount Class Rings

Wal-Mart has class rings starting at $74, not exactly a steal, but much less than the companies that come to the schools to sell their wares. And you can find them for even less through Walmart when they are having sales!
Liz B.

Local Jewelry Store

We went to a local jewelry store in our small town when our middle daughter was ready to buy a class ring. They carry ArtCarved brand and it was substantially cheaper than Jostens. I'm convinced Jostens is no better, they just have a monopoly on the school market and they take advantage of this.

Pick Inexpensive Options

Unfortunately I know saying just skip it is not the answer you want to hear, but for what it's worth my school ring (that cost a fortune also) is still sitting in my jewelery box and has never been worn. Peer pressure won that time.

Anyway, if you must have it, here are some tips I hope you find helpful. First try to select Sterling Silver rather than Gold for the metal of the ring. Men usually perfer Silver anyway. Second, if you don't get fancy with the side engravings that should lower your costs as well. Finally make payment arrangements with Josten, I remember that is what my parents did. Also, I would ask your son if he really wants the ring to "go halfies" with you. Winter is here, there are a lot of places looking for holiday help, snow to be shoveled, etc. etc. This way it will not only help you pay for the ring, but it will make him appreciate the value much more if he pays for half of the cost of the ring.
Laura A. K.

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Volunteer with Ring Committee and Earn a Discount Ring

I was on the Ring Committee in my high school. There were five to six students and an advisor. We met with the different ring companies. In reward for our work, we were entitled to about 50% discount on our ring with the company that was chosen. This was a discount with the company, and all the companies offerred it.
Sharon G.

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They're Worth It

Walmart and Kmart both sell class rings. But I know for a fact that Jostens is the best! My daughter has one. With the purchase, you get yearly cleaning for free. Sizing anytime is free. Lose a stone? Free. Change schools? Free. Want to make it a college ring? Free. Lose it swimming or anywhere? Free replacement! You can't beat what they offer for the money!

Old, But New

My father had just graduated from dental school when it became time to start financing my high school purchases, i.e., year books, senior pictures, letterman jackets, class rings, school trips, etc. I did without many of these things or purchased them myself. As for the class ring - my mother gave me the best class ring ever - hers! I treasured that class ring and loved showing it off to my friends, it was very "cool" and "retro" to have a class ring from 1962. The gift cost her nothing and I will always treasure that ring. Ask around your family to see if someone has a class ring that's just sitting in a jewelry box. Your son would probably love having Grandpa's class ring, or Uncle Joe's class ring - even a college class ring would be great.
Rebekah in Washington

Reviewed April 2018

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