Those Pesky Plastic Grocery Bags

Editor's note: We ran a suggestion on how to use those plastic grocery bags that multiply even faster than coathangers. Our readers couldn't resist sending in more ideas. Here are some of the better ones.

'Tool' Belt

I have central vac and one of my pet frustrations was always looking for that special tool I needed. Since my house has 4 levels, I tend to forget which level I could have possibly left a cleaning tool. I solved my problem by putting the tools in a plastic grocers shopping bag, put a belt through the handles, and tied the belt around my waist. Now my tools are always together. To store I hang the bag (with the tools) on a hook with the belt. Everything is ready for the next time I need it.

Bag and Bake

I use them for my chicken when I want to coat them with bread crumbs for seasoning. I dip the chicken in a little milk for water throw the breadcrumbs and seasoning in a bag with the chicken and shake. They work awesome. Nothing stick to the sides and they chicken coats great.

Three Uses

I put them over my shoes in inclement weather and tie the handles so they will not come off. Snow and water do not get on my shoes. Next, I use them to do away with 'surprises' from my dog: I put my hand inside a bag and pick up the dog stool/vomit; serves as a 'glove'. I throw everything away. Finally, I line my juicer receptacle with it. The pulp goes into it and all goes into the trash.

Kitty Clean-Up

We have 3 cats and as you can imagine it can get pretty smelly around here if you don't keep up with the kitty litter. We use the scoopable kitty litter in all the boxes, but that means that you need to scoop the litter each day after the kitties do their duty, otherwise it stinks to high heaven! If you just put the kitty litter in a garbage can without sealing it, you won't be doing anything for the smell! If you empty the garbage everyday just because it has a couple of kitty droppings in it, that is not cost effective. (My husband and I don't produce enough garbage in one day to fill the kitchen garbage bag.) So, I use a plastic grocery bag each day, and when I scoop the litter boxes I tie up the bag and throw it in the garbage. If it is tied shut it does not smell, plus, I don't have to waste an entire kitchen garbage bag each day.

Disposable Rugs

Another way I have found to reuse those plastic grocery bags is to cut them into strips and crochet them into "disposable throw rugs" I just crochet them as a long strip while watching TV, then sew them together around and around, like the old braided rugs, with a heavy twine (which helps keep them from slipping) They really collect the dirt when the grandkids come in from play.

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