Steps To An Organized Closet

by Janet Taylor

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Before you start, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What supplies will you need(hangers-garment bags-hooks-boxes-cedar)?
  2. Where will you store out of season clothes?
  3. When will you start?

Getting Started (you may want to turn on some music and turn on the answering machine).

  1. Remove everything from the closet
  2. Clean closet thoroughly
  3. Begin sorting items and label boxes
    • Give-a-way
    • Throw-a-way
    • Mending/cleaning/repair
    • Does not belong in closet
    • Out-of season
    • Use closet extenders or additional rods/bars if needed to double closet space.
    • As you place clothes in your closet make a list of items you need to complete an outfit(blouse, scarf, hosiery).
    • Group all business, casual, & evening clothes together.
    • Categorize clothes by type-jackets, blouses, skirts, pants.
    • If you use a closet extender place blouses & jackets on the top skirts on the bottom.
    • To prevent wrinkles use skirt hangers for pants.
    • Place dresses on the side of the closet extender or rod/bar.
  4. Categorize clothes by color(white- red).
  5. Store scarves in storage boxes and place on closet shelf.
  6. Use hooks or belt hangers to hang belts.
  7. Use hooks or storage boxes for handbags.
  8. Store shoes in clear boxes or garment bags.
  9. Store out-of-season clothes in place of your choice.
  10. Have current season clothes cleaned, mended, and repaired.
  11. Put away items that don't belong in closet
  12. Prepare items that are to be given away.

Now that you closet is organized you will be able to find clothes faster and coordinate outfits like never before. Remember to schedule time at least twice a year to go through your closet using some of the steps above to keep it organized.

Totally Organized is a professional organizing firm founded by Janet Taylor, Professional Organizer and Personal/Professional Coach. Totally Organized provides organizing, one-on-one coaching, seminars and products all devoted to help you organize your life.

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