Infomercial Food Savers: Good Deal?

Food Saver Reviews: Will It Save Time and Money?

I am considering buying a Food Saver vacuum sealer. It seems to be something that will be time saving and money saving in the long run. I would like to know if this product will be just as the commercial says it is. If you or any of the readers have any experience with the Food Saver, I would appreciate some comments or suggestions.

Food Saver Reviews: Love It

I have the Tilia Food Saver and I absolutely love it. The only downside is that you do have to pay for the bags, however they are washable (top rack of dishwasher), so you can reuse them. You do have to consider though, that every time you cut a bag open and reuse it, you are shortening the bag (clipping off and discarding the end each time), which will eventually lead to no bag at all.

The pluses far outweigh the above mentioned downfall. I find that I'm not even using that many bags. I usually put what I can in Mason jars and seal the contents either for cabinet storage, freezer, and/or refrigerator storage. The lids are reusable and the jars are washable, so there is no waste. The Food Saver allows me to save big bucks by buying in bulk, or taking advantage of sales and stocking up.

I have, since purchasing my Food Saver, gotten in the habit of taking leftovers and making up an extra plate or two; I then vacu pack them and stick them in the freezer for "a rainy day". This is a great way to utilize leftovers. I have also started doubling recipes, such as meatloaf, and instead of cooking both, I cook one...vacu pack the other and put it in the freezer for a future meal

This handy little machine is really as easy to use as they make it look...I promise. So, whether it's dry food, freezer food, or just cold food, the Food Saver is a must for the budget conscious, very easy and fun to use.

Food Saver Reviews: Not Everyone Keeps Theirs

I sure have seen a lot of these at garage sales! Would consider how long you are planning to keep this food in the freezer or pantry before spending all the money on these bags. Maybe you should pick up one at a yard sale that it is good, clean condition and try it out before spending the money on a new one.

Food Saver Reviews: Over-Priced

We purchased a food saver from an infomercial about 2 years ago. It's a pretty expensive piece of equipment for what you use it for. We haven't used it much of late, but did just freeze a bunch of jalapenos for a friend. The brand we got was kind of clunky. You had 2 operating pieces (the vacuum and the sealer) and 1 cord for each that pulled out. I really hate the fact that the cords would keep falling out when using them. Also, it is very difficult to seal anything with any type of juice in the bag. The vacuum sucks the juice up near the seal and it won't seal. Reusing bags doesn't work as well either.

For veggies and meats it works well. The whole operation is just a little more time consuming than throwing in a freezer bag. Overall, it can be a handy piece of equipment but shouldn't cost that much.
Gina C.

Food Saver Reviews: Good for Special Uses

We bought a food saver to use for packing our own food on long backpacking trips. We buy our freeze dried food in bulk and package it using the foodsaver. It provides an airtight seal and a small package that doesn't take up much room in the pack. Other than that, I don't use it because the cost per bag is much more expensive than the freezer bags I get at the supermarket. When I freeze my garden veggies, I just use a straw to suck the air out. I also, reuse the bags for other things. You can't do that with the foodsaver.

Food Saver Reviews: Sent Mine Back

I purchased the vacuum sealer that you are referring to, and it sent it back. I thought it was way too expensive and the parts looked like they wouldn't hold up. Besides, the bags are very expensive.
Cheryl G.

Food Saver Reviews: Try Hand Pump Type

I use a rather inexpensive hand pump sealer called Pump-N-Sealer. I do lots of dehydrating and use this to seal my jars as well as airtight bags. The company that sells these is Pioneering Concepts Inc. I am really pleased with its results.

Food Saver Reviews: Likes Hers

The "Food Saver" by Tillia is the best I have ever used. I have tried several. You can even seal liquid foods if you freeze them in something else first, remove from container, then seal. No air, no mess. Above all else, no more spoiled or freezer burned food.
Janell McM.

Updated October 2013

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