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Cleaning Stained Walls with Cleaning Erasers

Homemade Cleaning Erasers

Removing Crayon from Walls: A Budding Picasso?

My 3 year old son decided to draw on my living room wall with a black crayon. Normally this wouldn't be a problem removing the crayon, however, the paint on the walls is FLAT paint. I rent my home and was not able to re-paint, therefore I am stuck with Flat paint in every room of the house. I have tried to find a match to just touch up that area or just re-paint the whole room, but I can't find an exact match. My husband tried to just wash it off, not realizing that you can't "just wash it off" with flat paint. Do you have any ideas for removing the crayon marks without destroying the paint?

Commercial Product

There is a product sold at local hardware stores. It is called GoofOff2. It is a water based cleaner that removes ink, crayon, marker, pen and so on from any (including flat) latex paint. Since you only need a few squirts the bottle should last all year and maybe longer.

Removing Crayon from Walls: Depends on the Source

I recently had a friend call me about this problem. Her child had used "washable markers". I have four children and have used several things successfully in the past. First choice for ink based stains would be hairspray, wax based would be Goo Gone a citrus based cleaner that comes under different names also Citra Solv. As a last resort, but effective, gently clean with a Soft Scrub type product.
Shelly C.

Two Stage Approach

I have budding artists in my home too. I have used two methods with success. 1) Using a double layer of paper towel, press a warm iron over the paper to pick up the waxy mess. This should remove it, but any leftover can be removed with 2) baking soda. A damp or dry rub with baking soda worked beautifully on my walls.
Terri in Reynolds, GA

Removing Crayon from Walls: Aw, C'mon...Really?

Try removing crayon off walls with toothpaste!

Yet Another WD-40 Use

This one I have the best answer for... (Be sure the windows are open though) Get a can of WD-40 and spray, also have 409 or a similar spray cleaner nearby. Spray the WD-40 on the crayon and then wipe. Clean the residue with the 409. I don't know why it works but it does. I got 100% back of a $325 deposit on a rental by doing this. I have used it in the house that I live in now and haven't seen residue or anything. Did take a little paint off, but not bad.

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