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Celebrating Valentine's Day

Saying "I Love You" for Less

Is There "Another Woman"?

For our 22nd wedding anniversary I went shopping at Good Will. Even though I am 45 and slightly over weight I told myself that this was for one weekend. I would be a different woman. I would once again be the attractive, sexy woman that my husband married. I had booked a room in a Bed &Breakfast in another town so I wouldn't run into anyone I knew. I had taken the room with the fireplace in it, even though it was more expensive. I bought three outfits for $17. One was a flowered mini-dress that I wouldn't be caught dead in public wearing in my own town.

When he met me at the B&B on Friday night I greeted him with a glass of wine in the mini dress. He still talks about that weekend as if it were very special. For those who want to budget, they may be able to save the expense of the B&B by trading houses with friends for the weekend. Instead of a fireplace, use the flicker of candle light to add to the mood.

If there are children involved you could plan on two weekends a year. One when you are at your friend's house with all the children (theirs and yours) and your friends are having the romantic weekend at your house. Then another weekend they keep the kids at your house and you have your romantic weekend at their home.
SS in Wisconsin

Hot and Cold!

It was a very hot day and the heat just didn't abate at night. With the windows all open, the fans all blowing, it just wouldn't cool off. So my sexy hubby decided that it would be a fun way to cool off if we took a large bowl of ice and ice water to bed with us....the fire really heated up after that. ) What a wonderful hot night that was...

Under the "Stars"

It was our first Valentine's day as man and wife and I had to work. I worked at a women's boutique about an hour from our home and the store didn't close until 600 in the evening. We had a few late customers and so, I didn't get out of there until around 645. By the time I pulled into the driveway, I was really very tired. I wasn't really expecting anything much in the way of romance because, to be quite honest, my husband isn't generally known for his romantic ways. However, I was in for a shock when I came in the back door.

The house was very dark, but before I could reach for the light switch, my husband greeted me with a kiss and a rose. He reached down and removed the shoes from my aching feet and then led me to the living room. That sweet man had strung our Christmas lights around the room and spread a blanket on the floor. He said, "It's too cold for a picnic under the stars, so we're going to improvise." He sat me down on the blanket and went back into the kitchen. When he returned, he had my favorite pizza from my favorite Italian restaurant and two of the crystal wine glasses we had received as wedding gifts. He turned on the TV and plugged 'Casa Blanca' in the VCR. We picnicked on pizza, drank koolade from our crystal wine glasses (I know it's silly, but neither my husband nor I are too keen on wine) and watched a romantic movie under the "stars"-----all without leaving our living room.

I can't remember an evening any more special to me than that one----well, maybe the evening we were married. It was all pretty simple----a really good movie, a blanket spread under some Christmas lights, some pizza and some koolade in crystal wine glasses. That's all it took to make a very special memory for me. Well, it took that and, of course, the company of my wonderful husband.
Ricki McK

Hitting the Right Note

Many years ago when we were a young couple without much money, my husband gave me a wonderful present. He bought a pretty little tin and filled it with tiny love notes he had written. His instruction to me was to choose only one a day. How I looked forward to those little notes! I kept the tin in my kitchen window. I think my favorite part was imagining him writing all the little notes and folding them up for me.

Dancing for Two

I went over to my ladies' home to spend some time with her. After being bored with TV and it being too late to go any place fun, I had a thought of what to do to bring something to the evening. I took her by the hand and off to the car we went. After a little drive, we arrived at a parking lot of a local community college. We got out of the car and I went straight for the trunk. She stood there with a confused look on her face as I pulled out a boom box from the trunk and sat it on top of the car. I put in a slow dance tape and we danced the night away under the stars (and lights of the parking lot, but that didn't hurt the thought). She said it was one of the most romantic thing any one had ever done for her. I learned that romance does not always mean dinner, but can involve a little dancing.
Shawn S. in KC, MO

The "Kiss"

When my boyfriend was in another room, I put on some bright red lipstick and planted a "kiss print" on a yellow stickem and wrote "I love you" on the stickem. I left the stickem inside his bathroom medicine cabinet where I knew he would find it later when I wasn't there. I wiped the red lipstick off of my lips so as not to give away the surprise.
Luci R.

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