Inexpensive sources for natural cosmetic ingredients

Ingredients for Natural Cosmetics

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Finding Ingredients for Natural Cosmetics?

Is there a company that sells raw materials (ingredients) for making cosmetics and soaps including preservatives at a low price and small quantities? Thanks.

Go Local for Natural Ingredients

One does not have to go to the manufacturers to purchase supplies to make cosmetics, most of the ingredients are available in our grocery and produce stores and most importantly the pharmacy. When I needed lanolin for example, I went to the drugstore and got some from the druggist and he was very knowledgeable in explaining what I could do with it as far as applying it to my skin. I have a book entitled The Medically Based No-Nonsense Beauty Book by Deborah Chase published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York l975 and I find it is an excellent publication. I have more books and I am sure there are probably more on the market now but I think your local library will be able to help you out also.

Online for Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

To the reader who asked for companies that sell ingredients for cosmetics and soaps, including preservatives, here is one that can get you going on soaps and most toiletries (not make-up, though) Majestic Mountain Sage sells many ingredients, including Germaben II (a synthetic preservative) at You can also find recipes on the website to get you started. MMS is located in Utah.
Jeri B.

Natural Cosmetics Resources

There is a place I would love to share with you and your readers. It is the San Francisco Herb Co./Atlantic Herb Co. at or 800-227-4530 and snail mail. They have herbs in bulk at wonderful prices - the best I have ever seen and potpourri ingredients that make it possible to give wonderful gifts and unbelievable prices. Both companies offer storage containers for dry produce that are reasonable and of good quality. I use them to stock my pantry. These people have dehydrated veggies that I really like having on hand to make up soups quickly. (The Atlantic branch only ships full pounds but the shipping can be cheaper depending on where you live.)

I can hardly say how much I like this place. I found it about a year ago and told all my friends. The company is very helpful when I called several times to get answers to questions before I placed orders too. And the company also has paper catalogs that can be ordered. I pore over them often.
Brenda U. in Plant City, FL

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