'What's In the Bag?' and 6 other frugally fun baby shower game ideas

7 Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

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Hostess Needs Baby Shower Games

I'm looking for some good baby shower games. I noticed the wedding shower ones, but I can't make a lot of them work for baby showers. Could you see if anyone knows any good games? I have two showers I have to throw in May.

What's in the Bag? or "The Touchy, Feely Game"

Gather items from around the house that fit the theme of the party and can fit in a brown lunch bag. For a baby shower I have used a comb, washcloth, baby powder, nail clippers, booties or baby shoes, disposable diaper, rattle, baby safety pins, baby brush, baby bib, nasal aspirator, baby food jar. Borrow the items if needed.

Number the brown paper bags one through how ever many items you have to put in them. Decorate the bags if you want but DON'T obscure the number.

Place one item in a brown lunch bag. Turn down the top of the bag and staple closed.

To Play the Game, Have the bags out on a table where everyone can get to them. Each person will need a sheet of paper that is numbered 1 (one) through however many bags you have. Each person has to try to guess what is in the bag by touch only. They may pick up the bag and squish it to try to figure out what is in it. If you want to make it a bit more difficult, have the guests try to guess what color the bib, washcloth, etc. is also.

When everyone is finished, open the bags in front of everyone. The winner is the guest who gets the most correct.

A Taste of...

Buy 12 jars of baby food with 2-3 each of similar appearance peas, beans, spinach, etc. Remove the labels and replace with numbered or lettered labels. Have guests guess what each jar is. Most correct wins a prize and the guest of honor takes home the baby food with the correct labels back in place.

Baby Bingo

I just had a baby shower for my sister. We played baby bingo which involves having blank squares (4x4) on a sheet of paper. Each guest fills in the blanks with items they think might be in the gifts that the mother-to-be will open. Then as the gifts are opened, guests cross off those gifts that match what they wrote. We gave the first 5-6 people gifts (prizes).

Another game was filling a basket with baby items (we had approximately 25 small things). You hold up each item. Then guests list in 2-3 minutes all the items they can remember that were in the basket. The guest with the most receives a prize. The mother-to-be receives the items for her baby.

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Name That Baby

Using the letters in the mother and father's first names (or first and middle names) ask all guests to list names for the baby. Can give prize for the most. Also ask for unusual names to be listed, this adds a lot of laughter. At the end of the game hand in all lists and give to the mother-to-be.
Nina C.

And the Winner Is

This was a fun game at my baby shower, not to mention cute! Take several pink and blue tissues and fold them in to diaper shapes and add a diaper pin to each diaper. But in one of the diapers you put a small drop of mustard in it. Each guest recieves one of these diapers and pins it on their shirt. At the end of the shower the one with the "dirty" diaper wins!
Amey B

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Why Have Baby Shower Games?

A lot of people I know, myself included, hate those little games. Why not have a party and invite the husbands? They will drag their feet on this one, but will have a wonderful time once there. Sometimes Dads feel left out, and this is great for them. They can bring a "Dad's gift". Have fun, and good luck!
Catherine S.

It's MY Gift

A fun game is to buy several small items at the dollar store. ( don't wrap them) Each guest puts their name, address, phone number and birthdate on 4 separate pieces of paper. The papers get put in a hat. Then, one at a time, the paper is pulled out and read aloud. Whoever's name, address etc. is on the paper gets to pick one of the presents. She then puts it behind her back, and another piece of paper is pulled and that person picks a gift and hides it. After all the gifts are picked, the next name picked gets to take a present away from someone who is hiding it. BUT they must know exactly who has what gift. They have to say " I'd like the blue candle from Mary". If Mary has it she must hand it over, but if the guesser is wrong, no gift is given. This game gets to be quite fun, especially when there is 2 or 3 highly sought after gifts! When all the paper is picked out of the hat, everyone gets to keep what prize(s) they've managed to keep hidden
Joan P.

Baby Bottle Race

Fill baby bottles with something to drink and have a race to see who can suck it out the fastest. It gives you a new appreciation for what babies go thru. Or fill a bowl with rice and safety pins. Blindfold each person and have them get out as many safety pins as they can in one minute. With one hand. You will be surprised at how few you can get.

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Reviewed January 2018

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