Baby Jeopardy and 8 other frugally fun baby shower games

9 Fun Games for a Baby Shower

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Getting to Know You

Have each guest bring a baby picture of themselves to the shower and set them out on a table or something. Later on in the party have the guests guess who they think is whom. This is a great getting to know you! Write down parts of old nursery rhymes or children's songs and see how many your guests can remember the ending to. Have a game to see if your guests can remember the names of tv show children, for instance, can you name all 6 Brady kids? How bout Gomez and Morticia's 2? The 8 is enough kids? The daughter from Bewitched? The Partridge kids?
Deb T

Baby Jeopardy

The best baby shower game I played was just a few months ago. It was Baby Jeopardy. You have subjects such as PREGNANCY, LABOUR, INFANT YEARS, TODDLER YEARS and BREASTFEEDING (if they are planning on this). Attach pieces of paper to a piece of poster board and under each piece put a question. Put an amount on the top piece just like jeopardy (100 - 1000) and don't forget a double jeopardy square where the team can bet as much as they want. Divide the guests into two teams and then let them pick squares to answer. They can answer as a team or individually, you decide. Have someone (one of the hosts) keep score and then the team with the the most points wins. Make sure you have all the answers written down, too, either on the other side of the question paper or on a separate page altogether that you keep. This is a really fun game and it takes longer than most shower games.
Christine R.

Well, I Never

A game that we have played over the years was one called "Well I Never...". The hostess would purchase a child's coin bank to be used during the game. We would ask each guest to dig through her purse for coin change to play the game, we always had a bowl full of pennies for those that might not have any change. Then each guest would have a turn to finish the phrase "Well I Never..." with something she had never done, (Ex Well I never had braces.) Then everyone who had braces would have to put a coin in the bank. We have played it where each guest had one turn at finishing the phrase or until all the change is gone. It is alot of fun then the bank is given to the Mother-to-be.
Louann T.

Nursery Rhyme Game

A fun game is the nursery rhyme game. You start a nursery rhyme or say a line from it and the people have to write down the title of the nursery rhyme. Or you can give a clue, like a piece of flatware and dishware left together. (I'm not very creative....sorry) That is "Hey Diddle Diddle." You could get a children's nursery rhyme book from your public library to come up with some good clues and make sure you have the right titles.
Shawna M.

Mother Knows Best

I used to demostrate toy parties and one game I used was to give everyone a pencil and paper and then ask some questions. They would have to be able to be answered by one or two words. Like what is your favorite color for a little girl to wear? After the questions are answered you tell everyone that the mom-to-be has all the right answers and if their's match hers they are correct. Whoever gets the most correct wins.
Anita D.


Make a list of typical baby items, for example, bottle, rattle, blanket, etc. Mix up the letters in each word and make a word scramble. After the list is made, make copies for each guest. See how many each guest can unscramble in a minute.
Angela P.

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Baby vs. Baby

I once went to a baby shower where we played a game in which everyone was given a plain sheet of paper. Everyone had to put the paper behind their back and "attempt" to tear out the outline of a baby. A few people did okay with this, but the majority were really bad. It makes for a good laugh! You could have a prize for the one who does the best.
Christi P.

A Different Baby Naming Game

One thing everyone will be grateful for is if you can keep the shower short and sweet. Game idea give everyone a piece of paper and a pen, then name of several different kinds of animals (ie kangaroo, chicken, bear, etc). People playing the game have to come up with the name of the baby of that animal (ie a baby bear is a "cub"). Whoever gets the most right wins a prize. (you will want to have a "master list" with the animals and the correct baby names to make it easy for you.)

Pinata Fun

Last year we had five family and friends having babies at the same time frame and we wanted to do something different for games. One really fun thing that we did was to buy a pinata shaped into a bootie and filled it with product samples. It was hillarious watching all the women be blindfolded and trying to hit the pinata.

Reviewed January 2018

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