Cheaper Diapers: Do Generics Save Money?


I just got some coupons for off brand diapers. Other than Pampers and Huggies, I have not ventured to any other type of diapers. What is the experience of readers ? Is there a saving in buying cheaper brands?

They're Made the Same

My husband works for a company that makes private label diapers. They really are good diapers. Just as good as the name brand. The diapers he makes are sold at stores under their own name. Examples Kroger stores carry "Comfort" diapers

These diapers have the same features as name brand such as quilted, velcro tabs, a supreme line, they even have Muppet babies on the diapers. This company is the only diaper maker that is authorized to use the Muppets on their diapers so that is one way to identify these diapers since the name is different depending on the store.
Angela H

Dryper Fan

My son is two and we are loyal users of Drypers diapers. They are consistently cheaper than any other main brand, and the quality is every bit as good. In addition, they go on sale regularly and there are often coupons. I also wrote the Drypers company once to tell them how much I liked the diapers and they sent me more coupons. I wrote once to complain about the tape on one or two diapers in a batch, and they sent a coupon for a free pack, as well as a return envelope for two of the defective dipaers, so they could study them to see what was wrong.
Andrea G. in Boulder, CO

Toys R Us User

Toys R Us store brand diapers are great! When they are on sale they are much cheaper than the national brands. They are absorbant and fit well. We found them to be a great alternative to the national brands!
Theresa C.

Generics Didn't Work For Her

I am mother of 3 ages 4yrs, almost 3yrs, and almost 2yrs. So I am a little experience in the diaper arena. I have experimented and tried to find the best deals and where I could save some money. The generic diapers have never saved me a penny. First thing is you have to look at the quantity of diapers per package and I have found most of the cheaper diapers actually have less diapers per package. Second thing, you use many more generic diapers than name brand because you have to change them much more often. The nighttime leaks have never been worth the money I saved. Sleep has to be worth something. Another hint is to use the smallest size possible because the smaller the size the more diapers you get per package for the same money. I have found after my first child that I was to anxious about buying a bigger size when he really could have stayed in a size 3 alot longer. So my now 1 1/2 year old is wearing a 3 and will probably wear them until he is potty trained.

Huggies and Luvs (Don't like Luvs as well but they are cheaper than Huggies or Pampers) send out pretty good coupons. My grocery store used to offer double coupon day so even though the price was higher at the grocery store after I double the coupon I would save pretty good.

Package Size Affects Price

Buying larger amounts of diapers tends to be cheaper. (By the way, the "Premiums" with the fancy velcro fasteners cost more and come fewer to the pack--and I never found their absorbency to be any better)Many large stores, such as BabysRUs (ToysRUs) will sell them by the case. ToysRUs also often has discount coupons in American Baby Magazine--a magazine you can get for free. You can also buy cases at the warehouse clubs, but check the cost per diaper--it's often not a bargain there.

Huggies and Pampers both have websites, and if you contact them, you can usually enroll in programs where they will regularly send you coupons and offers--I got Sarah two terrific pairs of sneakers and a Mickey Mouse backpack thanks to Huggies!
Elizabeth C

Went to Cloth

I bought cheaper brands when my children were small (the Sam's brand, etc) and was consistently disappointed. They just did not hold up as well. The best way to save money is to use cloth diapers, and hang them to dry rather than using the dryer. We were really broke when my oldest was a baby and so used cloth diapers. They really were not that much trouble, and saved us alot of money. We used disposables only when out and about.

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