BizyMommy: How to Get Your Husband to Back Your Business

By Liz Folger

"Please -- Pretty Please!! I really, really want to do this." From the sounds of things you'd think a parent and a child were in "one of those" arguments. But it's really a wife trying to persuade her husband to let her work from home. Getting your husband to back your home business can, at times, be as hazardous as those black diamond ski slopes. This past week there has been a very active discussion on one of the work-at- home mom listservs about how to get support from a husband who isn't even close to being thrilled about your home business idea. Here are a few answers.

Men are getting very comfortable with the two income situations that women have begged to have for many years now. When mom and dad are bringing in two checks every couple of weeks, the pressure of keeping that job and worries of downsizing aren't nearly as scary when they know their wife is helping with the finances. The idea of mom staying home and starting a business that may or may not make money any time soon is enough to turn a man white with fear.

If your husband is one of those who has reservations about you wanting to come home and hang out your shingle, start by showing him a couple facts.

  • Who will love and raise your children more? Mom or another caretaker? Here is an interesting fact: a child's self-concept is formed by the age of seven years old. Most caregivers, while they may enjoy children, cannot give a mother's love. More and more studies are being done on the importance of young children having that hourly contact with mom.
  • Now look at your paychecks minus expenses. There is a wonderful book called, Two Incomes and Still Broke: It's Not How Much You Make, but How Much You Keep By Linda Kelley. There are exercises in this book that can help you figure what you and your husband, both working outside the home, are actually making each month. Some couples even find they are losing money because of daycare costs, taxes, commuting, etc.
  • One lady I've talked with, lets call her Sue, told me that if a woman ever came up against a husband who would not let her start her home business -- do it anyway. This is something Sue had experienced when she started her home business. Doing something on your own is very liberating, and some men hate the fact that you aren't depending on them 100% of the time. Don't get into a power struggle with him, show him often that you still love him and need him, and hopefully he will come around. Sue has continued her business from home and her husband is finally supportive of her. Well, maybe not 100% of the time -- but it's close enough.

A friend of mine, Trish Kasey, editor of an online newsletter, Mommy Times ( and creator of "Moms on the Net" video, has used her husband's support to grow her business. Since her husband travels a bit, he is always carrying her business cards and newsletters to pass out. He feels proud about the fact that he is helping his wife's business grow.

Don't be afraid to get your husband involved with your business. The fact is -- a home business takes time to grow. For awhile, your husband will be the only financial support for the family. Your home business will need to turn into a team effort. Make sure he's not afraid to tell people what you do and what type of services or products you offer. Word of mouth will be your best form of advertisement. The more people there are talking up your business, the sooner your business will grow into a successful, money-making, home-based endeavor.

If starting a home business is your dream, getting your husband's approval will be one of many road blocks. Don't let these types of situations get you down. Press on and turn your home business dream into a reality.

Liz Folger is a Work-at-Home Expert and author of The Stay-at-Home Mom's Guide to Making Money from Home.

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