How to clean your stove top the easy way

Cleaning Stove Top Burners

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Cleaning Stove Tops

I was wondering if there has been an article about stove top Cleaning. We own a rental property and have to replace all the removable parts of the stove with each new tenant due to lack of cleaning. Is there a solution to get that cooked on gunk off of the burners and the trays?
R. D.

Use TSP Stove Cleaner

I find that Trisodium Phosphate or TSP works wonders on stove burners and trays. It's a powder that you mix with water to prepare surfaces for painting. Following the directions on the box, mix the TSP powder with water and scrub away layers of grease and burnt-on food. Rinse well, then wash again in hot soapy water. You may have to clean the burners again with a steel wool pad, but it will be much easier after the TSP wash. Use TSP on stove vents hoods too...makes them look like new!
Susan F. in Ontario, Canada

Use Simple Green to Clean Stove Tops

Simple Green Full strength is the best way to clean a stove top. Just let it sit for 10-15 minutes and wipe up with a sponge.
Catherine T.

Cleaning Stove Tops with Sandpaper

I've lived in military housing and the stove had to be in immaculate condition when we moved out and one tip the housing inspector gave me was to use sandpaper after I had used a good oven cleaner to the rest of the baked on carbon off. Use 220 grit, it will not scratch the element. This works on the inside of the oven also.
Linda W.

Use Ammonia to Clean Your Stove Top

To easily clean any part of the stove which can be removed (burner pans, oven racks, door panels, etc., remove them from the stove and put them in a sturdy trash bag. Pour a hot solution of equal parts of ammonia and water and let them soak for one hour or more. Tie the bag shut to reduce fumes.

Meanwhile, use a single edge razor blade scraper to scrape any built-up carbon and/or grease which has accumulated in or on the stove. Spray the scraped areas with the same ammonia/water solution, and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. The areas can then easily be cleaned with a green scrub pad, and wiped with a cloth.

This method works extremely well. I always finish this project by setting the oven on warm after all parts are put back in place, and put a shallow pan of water in the oven to which I have added a few drops of lemon oil, vanilla flavoring or other fragrant ingredient, and let the water heat and dispense its smell. This will eliminate any residual ammonia smell from any parts which you did not thoroughly wipe clean, and the food cooked in the oven will not inherit your cleaner's smell.
Yvonne O.

Self-Cleaning Oven and Stove Cleaner

IF you have a self-cleaning oven, the burner bibs can often be put through on the self-cleaning cycle. Even without a self-clean cycle, you can usually spray oven cleaner on all the metal stove parts and put them in the oven according to the oven cleaner directions. The only other real solution is to make sure each tenant is paying enough deposit to cover replacing stove parts and let them know they will be responsible for any replacements necessary. That's how our rental experiences have been.
Donna S.

Baking Soda Stove Cleaner

Burners can be cleaned by placing burners in a large pot. Cover with water and add baking soda, bring water to a boil and then simmer until all grease and grime comes off easily.

$1 Tile Cleaner to Clean Your Stove Top

A lady on my job swears that using any bathroom tile and tub cleaner is the best for cleaning stove tops.I have tried it on my stove top, being a single man you can imagine my stove top.Simply put it works fine,even the cheap $1.00 cleaner I get from the Dollar store.
Try it.

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