Finding College Textbooks for Less

Cheap College Textbooks: Avoiding the College Bookstore

Is there anywhere on the web to purchase new or close to new college textbooks? The college bookstores are so overpriced.
Michael H.

Cheap College Textbooks: Look at Thrift Stores

Keep your eyes open at thrift stores around your university. Books there are usually 50 cents or $1, so buy anything that looks like you might use it. I once bought a textbook for 50 cents at a thrift store, and the next year I ended up taking the class that required that text. It cost $70 USED at the college bookstore.
Eliza F.

Cheap College Textbooks: It's Who You Know

The best way to get used text books is always through personal contacts... contacting personally people who have taken the course right now that you might take next semester. That way, you can arrange to buy books from them after the course is over and at a discounted price. Most students will want to get rid of books in subject they don't like so they would be thrilled to have a buyer for their book as soon as the final is finished. Also, knowing that someone is interested in buying their book will discourage them from marking up the books. My college bound siblings and myself have saved a lot of money this way when we were in college.
Le D-K

Cheap College Textbooks:

I teach college English and take graduate classes, so I know a bit about trying to pay for those books. There are quite a few stores on the net, but the one I've used is called They have a good selection, and you can order used or new. If they don't have the used ones, they let you know and you can decide what to do. I prefer them because shipping is free.
Paula B.

Cheap College Textbooks: Don't Forget Return Privileges

School bookstores may seem expensive, but don't forget that if you buy your books from them you can usually return them for 50% credit when the class is done; so long as that text is still approved for the next quarter. Web resources priced textbooks I needed at $140 while they were $80 new at the school bookstore, $60 used. I bought the used one and then returned it at the end of the quarter for $40 credit (50% of new price); so it only really cost me $20.

ALSO, if your school bookstore doesn't have a book 'recycling' center, see if they'll let you set one up outside the bookstore door. Any books that the bookstore is not accepting back for credit can be put in the special 'recycle' bin & then anyone who needs them can take them - its an unregulated give & take, but it saved me the cost of a couple of books and I contributed several back to it. Its a great way to help each other!

Cheap College Textbooks: Stop Here

The highway robbery stops at the World Wide Web. The college bookstore is no longer a monopoly. Try They give you a choice between new and used. I just finished up my master's degree, and Specialty Books treated me very well. Very good, fast service.
Tanis G.

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