Summer Camp at Home

by Jennifer Deerman

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My six year old was in the doctor's office last week and we found an article in her "Highlights" that sparked my imagination. It was about a girl that couldn't go to camp because she was too young.

My six year old decided she liked the idea that the story sent across. The story told about this young girl who made her own camp. We bought an above ground pool last year on clearance, which, by the way, is a wonderful babysitter for the older kids.

As a family we have decided to do our own camp. Rather than "Mom I'm bored" after the first day, we sat down as a family and set up a schedule. We have scheduled field trips to the library. We are now on the lookout for crafts from trash and are truly looking forward to our time together this summer. We have a set time to rise and a set time to bed which isn't too far off their normal schedule.

I teach school as a sub during the school year and am lucky enough to be off with them for the summer. We also put into the schedule time to work on the subjects that gave them trouble during the school year.

We plan to check movies out at the library and then everybody write commentaries about what they got from the movie. We also each picked out something we wanted to learn this year. My 6 year old picked out reading a book by herself before she returns to school. My 11 year old decided she wants to learn to do embroidery and my 12 year old wants to try and learn sign language. I thought this was a wonderful way to spend the summer.

We also plan on camping in the backyard. And we will perform a play the children are going to write.

Last year all the children and I did was school work. At least this way it will be more like a vacation for everyone. We have even managed to plan a trip to Disney this year the cheap way. We are camping.

Saving money with me has become a passion. Now I hate to pay too much, and treasure hunting is always fun. My daughters and I love yard sales. And the best part is going home to discover who has found the best treasure.

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