Repairing a Mouse Hole

Dear NH,
My basement has a hole around the main water pipe, created by mice, that leaks whenever it rains. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to fix this problem and whether a novice handyman w/ few tools can handle it. This basement happens to be a finished one. Thanks again.

Dear NM,
A good and easy way to seal a small leak like this would be to inject some expanding plastic foam into the area around the pipe. You can purchase this product in any hardware store. There are two types available... latex-based and solvent-based. Use the solvent-based type... the latex-based is not recommended for use below ground level.

Clean (as best you can) dirt and dust from the pipe and the cement before using this product. And don't overapply it. It will expand to fill the crack. Of course, any excess that expands into your living space can be cut off with a sharp knife once set.

Mice usually will not eat this stuff, but I can't guarantee they won't bore right through it. One thing you might do is to first push a small amount of steel wool through the hole as a "backer" to discourage gnawing... then inject the foam.
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