Plastic Monsters: Plastic Shopping Bags

by Jenny Wanderscheid

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You know those irritating plastic bags you receive from the grocery store, Walmart, and just about everywhere that you shop? Somehow, once you get them home, they seem to multiply, and you have them everywhere! Here are some ideas on how to make use of these plastic monsters!

Save them! We keep an empty 24 pack pop box next to our garbage can and throw them all in there as we unpack groceries.

  1. Use them for small wastebaskets around your house. You never need to buy small garbage bags again! And a bonus time saving tip, throw 5 or 6 of them in the bottom of the basket before you put the bag in the wastbasket. That way, whoever changes it doesn't have to run to find more!
  2. Use them for padding when packing delicate items for shipping, or just to fill up a too large box you are shipping so the item does not bang around. MUCH cheaper than those foam peanuts, and they work much better.
  3. Keep a few in the diaper bag (they smush up easily in a side pocket) and use them for those lovely surprises our babies love to leave us.
  4. Throw a few in the glovebox of your car. This has come in handy more than once for me.
  5. Take them to the beach. Great for throwing wet items into so you don't have a mess in your car. Got a disgusting mess you don't want to even touch?
  6. Recently my dog had a large accident on the floor. I wrapped one bag around my dustpan and one around the broom, and then quickly was able to clean up and throw it away without ever touching a thing or having to scrub poop off my dustpan!
  7. If you have kids and different colored bags, let them cut them up into pieces and glue them onto plastic wrap. It makes a pretty, see-through collage.

Jenny Wanderscheid is a 29 year old WAHM and the creator of the ChildFun Family Website

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