My Story: Product Review - Water Softening Magnets

by Katrina Maben

Editor's note: The Dollar Stretcher does not endorse this product. We provide reader reviews to help provide you with additional information so you can make up your own mind.

I was considering purchasing a water softener but learned of the benefits of the magnets over a softener and opted for the magnets.

  1. a water softener removes beneficial minerals (mineral salts are what make water hard) and replaces them with sodium.
  2. water softeners are contraindicated when you have high blood pressure.
  3. water softeners are expensive to purchase and costly to maintain.
  4. water softeners loose some of their effectiveness after a few years.
  5. magnets do not remove the minerals, they simply change the size of the water molecule giving the effect of soft water without loosing the valuable minerals and without adding sodium.
  6. water magnets have a lifetime guarantee.
  7. water magnets remove existing scale buildup from pipes and appliances, prolonging the life of the appliance. Water softeners only prevent future buildup.

This is what the magnets have done in my household:

  1. My 20 month old son has suffered from eczema ( which is aggravated by hard water) since infancy. The eczema cleared up in one week without the use of prescription ointments. I know it was the water because it was when we visited my parents last fall that I realized the water aggravated the eczema because it cleared up on the visit. My parents have soft water. Shortly after the visit, my pediatrician confirmed that hard water aggravates eczema
  2. My hair is softer, silkier and more manageable. I can once again use inexpensive shampoos and conditioners (as I did when I lived with my parents) My hair and it looks wonderful.
  3. My skin is softer. I can use inexpensive lotions or NO lotion instead of lubriderm or keri because my skin is not dry and itchy now. And it is no longer blotchy.
  4. My water tastes and smells better. As a result, when I cook (i.e. veggies, coffee, etc.) my food tastes better.
  5. My laundry is cleaner and softer (whites whiter, colors brighter) with less detergent and liquid softener.
  6. My dishes (flatware, pots, glasses) no longer have hard water spots and look and feel cleaner.
  7. My bathrooms are cleaner without scale and scum buildup, using less elbow grease to clean and less cleanser. spots that never came out of my sink and tub are now gone. my toilet no longer has the red and black scum ring in it.
  8. My plants and lawn have sprung to life. my car is cleaner because even the water hose water is changed.

It is absolutely life changing for $50. I purchased this from the home shopping network but they can be purchased over the net. Go to yahoo and type in water conditioner. One site was charging $700 for a set. Don't go there. I paid $50 for my set and they have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. One site had a set for only $34.

If you have hard water, this is the answer. My life has changed in every way. I had no idea the many ways that hard water effects your life. believe it or not, my teeth even feel cleaner. Before, even a few days after a professional cleaning my teeth would feel gritty. Now even hours after eating and not brushing, my teeth feel smooth. The changes in my body I thought were due to aging (gritty teeth, dry skin, rough hair) now I know that it was the water. Everyone should know about this.

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