How a Single Mom Relaxes

by Rosemarie

I am a single mom of a 3 year old, a part time student in Microbiology at Arizona State University aspiring to be a physician, and a trauma lab assistant, I am FRAZZLED by the end of the day. My budget is strained to the max and I am currently so far in debt over my education that I am forced to finish school and graduate if only to pay back my student loans when they become due.

The issues I deal with in the trauma room and ER do not do anything to ease my already stressed emotional state at times, so for all of you single parents out there trying to do your best for your children, I know how you feel. I am there.

I have a method of de-stressing when I am at my physical and emotional limit. I ignore the mess in the apartment, take a long bath, put on all of my facial masks, give myself a pedicure and lie back with my gel eye mask while soaking my feet in a massage spa I received as a gift one Christmas. This small evening of pampering does WONDERS for me and amazingly is enough to keep me going.

When you can't afford to go to a salon to get pampered, the next best thing is do it at home. My son loves when I have my "salon" nights. He takes pleasure in seeing his mom so happy and relaxed and he sometimes puts his feet in with mine in the spa to make me smile. Forget about the pressures and enjoy some moments, because the hard work isn't forever, but moments for yourself and your children are.

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