Bedtime Warmth in Winter

Nighttime Winter Luxury

I live in New England where I seem to be cold all winter, especially at night. I used to relish a hot bubble bath on cold winter nights, but with the cost of the fuel to heat my tub of water, I've come up with a better plan! I fill a dishpan with warm water and bubbles. Then I give myself a luxurious foot soak while I sip herbal tea and relax in my cozy fleece robe. I'm nice and warm, and I've spent only a fraction of the cost of heating a tub full of water! When I'm done, I'm ready for bed, as nice and relaxed as if I'd had the full bath!
Lynn C. in Cape Cod, MA

Warm Feet This Winter

Here's another fun way to keep your tootsies warm on a cold winter night and save on heat as well. Microwave up a couple of big white potatoes, wrap each one in foil and place each one in a wool sock. The heat lasts for hours, the foil keeps the heat in longer, the sock prevents burns, and in the morning, you can use the potato for home fries!
Kathi W. in Candia, NH

Flannel Bed Sheets Plus

We have an old farmhouse with no heat upstairs in our bedroom. When it gets really cold, we put flannel sheets on our bed to help with warmth. As nice and comforting as these are, my feet stay cold. My husband brings up one-liter soda bottles filled with hot water that are capped tightly and tucks them in the bottom of our bed. When I go to bed, it is very warm for my feet. It is such a treat and a truly loving gesture!

editor's note: Please be sure that you reseal the bottle tightly and that you use the bottle safely. Burns aren't a good substitute for cold feet!

Bedtime Winter Warmth

Rice bags are an alternative to electric blankets and water bottles. They're easy to make and very versatile. They can also be used for sore muscles and can be frozen for use when you need an ice pack. However, the smell of heated rice can make you hungry enough for a midnight raid on the refrigerator, so be sure to have your warm slippers waiting beside your bed at night!

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