How to clean silk flowers

Cleaning Silk Flowers

Cleaning Silk Flowers and More

For cleaning silk flowers without dismantling the arrangement, try a clean, dry three-inch angled soft bristle paintbrush. "Paint" the flowers with the flat of the brush, and the angled tip gets into tight spaces between the stems. I also use a paintbrush to clean the pleats of lampshades. It works great. And it's also good to keep exposed areas of my computer clean, which keeps it from overheating.

Mom's Advice on Cleaning Silk Flowers

Here's a good tip that my mom shared with me years ago. I've been using it ever since. Fill your sink about half full with warm water and 2-3 tsp. of Dawn dish detergent. Take your silk flowers/plants and swish them in the sudsy water several times. Lay on a dishtowel to dry. This method has allowed me to use the same silk flowers for years. They still look great so when I tire of one arrangement, I just save the flowers to use later. They still look new even when they have been used in two to four arrangements over a period of about eight years.

Cleaning Silk Flowers with Salt

What I have found to work the best for cleaning silk plants is to put about one cup of table salt in a large grocery paper bag. Put your silk plant inside the paper bag, roll the top down a couple of times and then shake the bag. The salt will remove the dust from the leaves of the plants. Just shake the plant a little as you take it out of the paper bag to make sure all the salt is off the silk plant. You can then store the salt in the paper bag for future use of cleaning silk plants.
Sue D.

Vacuum Cleaning Silk Flowers

When I was younger, I would watch my mother use watered down mayonnaise to wash off the leaves of her real plants. It gave them a very shiny leaf. As far as I know, with silk plants, you can vacuum them. You can find a mini vacuum cleaner head for most vacuums that will fit on the end of the hose. It has a little brush on it, so that you are brushing the dust loose as it suctions the dust away.

Cleaning Solution for Silk Flowers

The very best solution is rubbing alcohol. Mix it 50/50 with water and spray until the dust starts to run off the plants. It will dry quickly and cleans like a dream. I have used this for may years. It works well for dried flowers as well.

Cheap Hair Spray Great for Cleaning Silk Flowers

The easiest and cheapest way that I have found to clean silk flowers is cheap hair spray. Buy the least expensive kind you can find (make sure it is aerosol) and just spray directly on the "plants." Make sure to do it outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. It works like a charm! The dust disappears and the plants look brand new.
Jan J.

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