Cold Prevention

How to prevent the common cold

Easy Cold Prevention

I'm a teacher, and even after years in the business, I tend to get cold after cold. Very few of us are completely immune to everything. The allergy doctor told me that the best way to prevent those bugs from getting to me is to buy a bottle of sterile saline nasal spray to clean my nose as soon as I get home from school and then again first thing in the morning. Apparently, it flushes most of the bugs away. I have always changed my clothes shortly after getting home because I felt germy, but I never considered the value in cleaning my nose. Even if it reduces the number of colds I get by one or two, it will be worth it in savings for cough drops, tissues, and over-the-counter cough medicines.
Pat B.

Cleaning for Cold Prevention

Try running your family's toothbrushes through the dishwasher every few days during cold and flu season. This really seems to help keep germs at bay! Also, make it a point to have your family wash their hands immediately after coming home from any public place, such as school, work, the grocery store, etc. We all know how easily dirty hands spread germs!

New Toothbrushes Prevent Colds

When my family can't get rid of viruses, I change everybody's toothbrush. Toothbrushes can hang on to the germs and re-infect you. Also, if the kids are covering their mouths when they cough, then they are putting germs on their hands, so washing hands often is a good idea. If the children are really young, you might want to disinfect plastic toys that they play with and put in their mouths.

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