Storing Produce

Storing Produce: Bananas

Putting your bananas in a brown paper bag before storing them in the refrigerator will not only help them last longer, but will keep them from turning brown so fast.

Storing Produce: Evert-Fresh Green Bags

At my local health food store, I found some wonderful bags that extend the life of vegetables and fruits. They are called Evert-Fresh Green Bags and they are not expensive. They are reusable and come in various sizes. Visit I am a dedicated fan of these bags since I no longer waste produce that ripened too quickly for me to use.
Jean M.

Storing Produce: Vegetables

  • Do not wash until ready to eat.

  • Remove from plastic packaging that may retain moisture that will rot veggies. Store in vegetable compartment in refrigerator, except for tomatoes, which should be left at room temperature for best taste.

  • Wash, cut and freeze some of the veggies for future use. Most do not even need blanching. Most will freeze well, but some cannot be frozen.

Tips for Storing Produce

Vegetables should be put in plastic bags if the crisper is not two-thirds full. Removing tops from carrots and radishes helps reduce the wilting. Sweet corn keeps best if refrigerated uncovered in the husks.

Unripe tomatoes can be kept at room temperature out of direct sunlight until they ripen. Ripe tomatoes should be stored uncovered in the refrigerator.

Onions should be kept at room temperature in a loosely woven container, or open mesh container.

Potatoes should be stored at 40-50 degrees in a dark, dry well-ventilated area (remember the old-time cellars?). If kept at room temperature, they should be used in one week.

Storing Produce: Celery

For celery, wash, drain, trim off ends, and wrap in aluminum foil. It'll keep for weeks. If stored for an extended time, you may have to trim the edge off. Do not freeze.
Tracy in Rochester, MN

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