How to find affordable luxury for your bath

Affordable Bath Products

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Affordable Bath Salts

For cheaper bath salts, simply buy Epson salts which are about $1.50 per container (large container) and use them in your bath. Some people like nice scent, and since the Epson salts are not scented, you can drop a small amount of bubble bath into the bath. Buy the cheapest bubble bath since you will get the scent. Don't have to use much for desired effect. By the way, the Epson salts last forever since only a small amount is needed out of large container for each bath. So instead of paying high bath salts prices, you get the same thing for pennies!
Carol, Gainesville, Florida

Affordable Scented Lotion

I love scented lotion, but don't tolerate chemicals well, so I only can use the very expensive lotions that use essential oils (as opposed to manufactured scents).

I finally figured out that I can buy a regular, unscented lotion that I tolerate and then add my own essential oils. I add a bit of lotion into my own dispenser, add a drop of oil, add some more lotion, and then shake well. I repeat this until the container is full. I am able to spoil myself and save money!
Lisa in Ypsilanti

Bath ideas

Epsom salt and essential oils are my favorite. Since we have been battling diaper rash here, I have discovered that a box of left over baby oatmeal cereal is great for the bath. For myself, I use a cup of dry milk powder, two tablespoons of the oatmeal cereal, and five drops each of lemon and tangerine essential oil. This gives me a nice, soothing bath and a few bubbles. I have used regular oatmeal, but I like the way the baby cereal dissolves.

Affordable Foot Soak

One day I had the idea of plugging the bathtub when I shower in the morning and using the accumulated water as a foot soak. I throw in a handful of baking soda and have a quick soak as I shower. The baking soda dissolves quickly, and it doesn't leave any residue in the tub after the water's drained. I get a short foot soak each day without using extra water or extra time!

Facial Scrub

Instead of going to the spa and paying a fortune for an exfoliating treatment. I use a "soft" toothbrush with a little Cataphyll lotion to scrub my face. This really takes care of any blackheads or dead skin and is much cheaper. So every few days, I get a really nice spa treatment for a fraction of the cost.

Affordable Body Lotion

I take an inexpensive pump container of body lotion (after about half of it is gone) and then add some baby oil and shake it up very well. Then after showering, while still in the tub and before toweling off, I rub it all over myself. Then I "pat dry" so that most of the lotion mixture stays on. It works as well as expensive shower moisturizers and also leaves your towels smelling great! Also, it doesn't make the bottom of your tub slick like straight baby oil due to the much thicker consistency of the lotion.

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