Baby Shower Gifts

Meals for the New Parents to Be

I am also providing a meal and organizing a week of meals for the couple, but I am pretty much expected to do something more.

I have decided on making homemade laundry soap as one gift. Then cutting up an old receiving blanket and they can use it for baby wipes at home.
Stretcher Reader

Baby Basket

You could also do an assortment of bath items since you mention dollar stores and such. Baby soaps, shampoos, lotion, bath toys, etc. packaged together in a gift bag or basket would be really cute and fairly inexpensive. Or follow the same line of thinking and do baby needs (pacifiers, toys, burp cloths, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, etc.).


How about giving an envelope full of baby-item coupons? These can be printed off from the computer and/or put the word out among her friends/shower invitees and collect the coupons at the shower!
Stretcher Community Contributor

Bedtime Books

Another gift idea is a bedtime book to be read to the child. Dollar stores have a lot of board books priced at $1 each.
Miss Paula in Texas

Homemade Bath Hood

This may not fit your immediate need, but this is a cute baby gift idea that I have seen and it is inexpensive. You take a new regular sized bath towel and a new matching wash cloth. Fold the wash cloth in half so you have a triangle shape. Fit the folded wash cloth to one corner of the towel and attach with a machine stitch. This makes a hood. You could also "fancy it up" by adding ribbon on one end or eyelet lace if you wanted. You now have a nice bath wrap to dry the little one off with. Roll this up and place in a cute dollar store basket. Add some baby care items like baby wash and lotion.

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