Baby Shower Hosting Ideas

Baby Shower Games Ideas

The Poster/Collage Game: Cut out a lot of baby pictures from magazines. Count them. Divide them into categories, such as baby has a hat on and baby only has a diaper on. Count the number in each of the categories. Keep a master list of all these numbers.

Glue all of the pictures onto a large poster board at random, like a big collage. (Don't keep them grouped in their categories.) Also, some pictures can be in more than one category.

To play the game:

Show the board to all of the guests. Give each guest a paper and pencil. Ask the guests questions about the board from the categories you have already made up.

  • How many pictures are on the board?
  • How many pictures or babies have hats on?
  • How many pictures or babies are only wearing a diaper?

Make up as many questions/categories as you want. The winner is the one who gets the most guesses right.

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

I have a great idea for inexpensive shower favors. Buy the heavy-duty plastic spoons in your colors or in pink and blue for a baby shower. Melt chocolate melting pieces and dip the spoon half way into the chocolate. You can use any color melting chocolate. Repeat the dipping until you have the thickness you desire (4-5 dips is what I usually use). Before the chocolate dries, sprinkle with shaped sprinkles you can find at any craft store or grocery store. Once the chocolate dries, place in a clear bag used for lollipops and tie with ribbon and flowers. Attach a card with a poem saying how to dip the spoon into coffee or cocoa for a sweet treat and you are done. These are fun to make and fun to use. Enjoy!

Baby Shower Ideas

I made a wreath out of grapevine and I attached a rattle, a plush toy ($1 each) and three baby forks/spoons ($1 for pkg. of 10 at Dollar Tree) to the wreath with the wire. I also bought two packages of pacifiers ($1 for 3 pacifiers) and tied them to the strands of curling ribbon and just let them hang. I gave the wreath and the remaining floral wire to the mom-to-be so she could use the items for baby and use the wire to attach baby's first things to the wreath (shoes, rattle, toys, hair bow, etc). This is a perfect way to showcase baby's things, and the ribbon can be changed over time to match the decor of the room. My $9 project got all the "oohs and ahhs" at the shower.

Baby Shower Cake Idea

A diaper cake is also a simple and useful idea. Open a pack of newborn or size 1 disposable diaper. Gather in groups of 4-6 to form the layers of the cake. Each layer should be rotated slightly. Wrap around the entire "cake" with decorative ribbon. Use 2 small pacifiers, tied with ribbon and a pair of booties or a silk flower, as a cake topper.

Baby Shower Thank You Card Ideas

Here's a tip for a baby shower or bridal shower hostess. During the shower, pass around a basket full of blank envelopes. Ask each guest that brought a gift to fill in her name and mailing address for the shower recipient. Assign someone to keep a running list of each guest's gift as the person of honor opens their presents. You could even provide matching thank you cards if you want. Give these to the guest of honor after your other guests have left. You've given the mother-to-be an invaluable gift in easily saying thank you at a time when so many other concerns are distracting them!

Baby Shower Party Ideas

Cover the tables with paper or plastic table coverings. If the tables are rectangular, make baby footprints down the center using the edge of your fist for the foot and fingers for the toes with ink or acrylic craft paint. Round or square tables can have the footprints scattered around at random or outlined in them. Streamers, ribbons, or confetti in coordinating colors provide the finishing touch. Another alternative to the confetti could be candy or baby items to match the color scheme. One bottle of craft paint is more than enough for all of the tables. Multiple colors of prints on white coverings is the norm, but colored table coverings with white prints might just provide an extra punch of sophistication. This idea offers that personal touch along with a money-saving bonus.

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