Week four of a 5-week to-do list to help you prepare for Christmas

Christmas Countdown Calendar: Week Four

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If you have not yet begun your Christmas preparations, as of December 11, you only have two short weeks to get ready. Hopefully you have your home decorated already, but if not, here are ten simple ways to get your home in the holiday spirit in a hurry. Or if you are in need of some gift ideas, you can find some great ones in the TDS Christmas gift idea section. And if those gifts need to be shipped last minute, this video from Bankrate can give you some tips for doing so for the least amount of money.

If you have been following our Christmas Countdown, here are those things you might want to get "wrapped up" this week:

  • Don't forget to water the tree if you have a real one!

  • Plan a night to take the kids to see Santa.

  • Do a thorough cleaning of the house this week so you can just worry about smaller cleaning projects next week. Enlist the family's help in getting the house clean and keeping it clean until Christmas.

  • Have kids go through old toys in order to make room for the new and donate them to charity.

  • Finish up any baking or make-ahead recipes you need to complete.

  • Double-check that you have all ingredients you will need to make Christmas breakfast, brunch and/or dinner.

  • Make sure you have enough plates, silver, napkins, etc. for your holiday meals.

  • Check your gift-giving list twice to make sure you have not forgotten to pick up anything so you can avoid the crowds in the stores next week.

  • If you have any remaining gifts or cards that need to be mailed, send them out this week!

If your holiday preparation has been going well, you've probably avoided feeling too frazzled, but if you need a bit of stress-relief, check out these holiday stress busters.

Christmas Countdown Calendar: Week Four - Clean the House
Week Four Checklist

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